Cannondale SuperSix EVO Road Bike 2020 First Look

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[VidSitePro id=100 ]Really [Music] this is the new super six Evo which can Dowe claims to be the fastest lightweight bike do you know what feels pretty quick to ensure the super six Evo keeps its lightweight credentials from previous generations CEM values and the best blends of lightweight and stiff carbon fibers of course it’s new sleek aerodynamic shaping other areas of the bike that conducive to reduction an aerodynamic drag of this new seat binder and a new not twenty-seven seat post which is actually 35 grams lighter than the already lightweight save 25.4 seat though [Music] so what makes this new generation super sick so comfortable it’s the drop seat stage and new seat post this adds a massive amount of vertical compliance as well as the 28 mil tires with enough room if you put 13 millimeters on here there’s still six mil either side you’ll notice that the bottle cage is placed on the lower of the two mounts so if you choose to run just the one bottle bit quit racing it’s a much more aerodynamic position for the bottle cage to sip the bike includes reflective detailing on the back of the seat post and on the main frame so you’ll be seen by other road users much easier the geometry is great it’s really really friendly it’s not quite as aggressive as perhaps a system 6 but equally it’s not quite as sit up and relaxed is perhaps a synapse so you could do long rides on this all races or whatever you know you kind of want to choose to do on this bike it’s going to be really suitable geometry and some of the system integration we’ve got the new not barring stem which reduces drag at the front end of the bike by up to 9 watts integrated cable routing on this bike as well it’s dual dual purpose so you can also run di 2 as well as cable groupsets we’ve also got a brand-new wheel set and not 45 which was designed specifically for the super 6 the wheels are really good they climb well but they also really behave really well at high speed as well [Music] so in my opinion this buy it’s gonna make for really great all-rounder it’s comfortable it’s like a hangman’s really sharp you could do Sporty’s challenges racing or just about anything in between on this bike now i’m going out back to the shop before somebody notices.

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