Cannondale Supersix Evo – New Road Bike Trend for 2020

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[VidSitePro id=101 ]everybody welcome back to a new video Hey look so I just wanted to kind of put a little opinion out here we’re gonna look at some new bikes that just launched maybe a little bit of venting I don’t know we’re gonna look at a computer together so just fair warning but yeah just kind of kind of put my thoughts out there see if anyone agrees disagrees just looking at a few new bikes that have been launched for 2020 it just looks like the same the same bike to me but like a different you know decal on it and I’m kind of just wondering how we got there what this kind of means there’s another thing you know integration integrated components I want to talk about that and kind of how I feel about that and maybe you agree maybe you disagree and I’d love to hear your opinion so anyway let’s just kind of jump in the computer here so recently a few new bikes have launched for 2020 this first one the Scott addict which I think is just absolutely beautiful this is such a sick bike I’d immediately would want that I’ve no idea how much it cost though it’s not listed just yesterday the new can dale super sexy boat launched and they finally lowered the rear triangle which i bet is a bit controversial for you know Cannondale enthusiasts also it’s 11 and a half thousand bucks and then just before that the new Billy R 0 SLR launched and you can kind of see like and here’s just just four also reference the BMC Road machine like if you look at the shape of these bikes are they not like almost the same like this one I think this picture is a bigger Cannondale you know like a 56 maybe in that this is like a 54 52 for the Scott but anyway I want to talk about integration and kind of like this kind of melding of all these different things I’m about to talk about now so bear with me as I kind of think out loud here about the history of bike progression design of the past like decade a decade and a half so from what I remember it was like all about lightweight and people were really focused on having the lightest bike and that’s nothing new I mean I’ve seen some cool pictures and read some cool you know like you know short stories about you know recaps from the tour back in the day and dudes drilling holes and their steal bikes trying to make them lie like you know snapping down tubes because they drilled too many holes etc so that’s nothing new but I think with you know carbon coming into the equation what was that the 90s or something like started getting lighter and lighter and lighter and then I think at the compromise of stiffness and then people realized that hey it’s actually important to have a really stiff bike also because of power transfer if we make this super light noodle but it’s super flexy if we’re not actually getting good power transfer right so now we’re working where we’re worrying about bikes that are both too stiff where they need to be but also light to realize that bikes that were super stiff we’re super uncomfortable but then we’re worrying about aerodynamics and then anyway like all these things kind of like start coming together and then we see like this dichotomy of bikes where maybe trichotomy if that’s a word where we have like arrow bikes lightweight climbing bikes and then like endurance bikes you know kind of like sectoring off like that so what we’re seeing now let me kind of just show you the the most recent s works tarmac to me this is kind of like the synthesis of all those things we’ve talked about it has aero elements you know the lower chain stays are both helpful for a comfort you know because it also makes a longer effective seat tube you know it’s not connected here at the top junction where the top tube is so that’s helpful in that it’s also kind of that D shaped for a little more aerodynamic benefit also some tube shaping you know in the down tube and the forks etc so we’re getting some aero elements from like a full-on Aero bike like the Madone or the Venge or the Scott foil but now we’re kind of seeing it being integrated into the excuse me the climbing bike they’re all disc brakes these are disc brake only now so the markets definitely going that way and just a side tangent here about disc brakes I’ll just share my thoughts quickly I’m I’m into him I will admit that the last time I wrote a disc and an on disc was the giant TCR at the Sea Otter Classic and definitely the non disc that I rode felt like a faster bike honestly like just climbing I noticed that it accelerated quicker this was a few years back so I think you know like the gap might have closed as far as performance but I’ll put a little link up wherever they whichever side they go up here for a card this video I did in Boulder when I lived there going down a hill with carbon rims not the smartest idea doing it on a dirt road but I basically melted a rim blew it up and if I had been going faster you know I could have been seriously injured so I understand that disc brakes while my experience has been not like as fast you know lightweight going up a climb the safety issue I think in like a wet condition or like a dirty condition or the fact that you can have all the benefits of a carbon rim you know lighter weight and more aerodynamics without that compromise is overheating a rim potentially and dying so anyway I’d be into that as far as like disc rub and stuff like that like yeah when I rode mountain bikes lucky always get disc rub but it’s just something I’d be willing to put up with I guess in the long term okay anyway so now getting back to the things so so here’s here’s like my real thing that I want to talk about and that’s integration if you look at all these bikes did you notice that these for the Wilier the road machine the addict and the new super 60-vote you can’t see any cables and you’re like yeah Jeff because the new SRAM axis or whatever it’s called there well yes electronic but yeah dude but like also the hydraulic cabling everything is integrated through the handlebars through the stem and then you know down the fork and through the tubes and everything okay so integration from a design perspective it makes a lot of sense because bicycles and riders everything it’s interconnected like when we talk about aerodynamics especially and handling and things like that it’s not just a bike frame you know that goes on its own it’s like the frame and the group said and the wheels and you know then of course the handlebars and stem and then how the rider interact with all that and through axles and not their axles disparate whatever it’s how it all works together so from a design perspective being able to design a bike where you’re keeping all these factors as part of the Asian makes a lot of sense because if we’re trying to you know at this point we’re like wow this bike is 20 grams lighter than that one like to me that’s nothing to like spit a few times like or you know put a few drops out of your water bottle and then you’ve gotten rid of 20 grams you know I’m saying but so anyway but as far as the designs current is concerned I guess that’s that’s that’s cool for marketing and for the company that makes a lot of sense too because now they’re in effect propagating their own sustained business because now you have to buy these proprietary parts like this addict here let’s look at this again like the this integrated I hope you guys can see this stem and handlebar combination which is pretty nifty it looks like they offset the the steerer tube somehow so that you can fit everything in front of the steerer tube and it comes down here into the down tube through the through the head tube anyway it’s cool but if you had like some sick bars that fit you really well and you really like the shape and design of etc or a stem that you really liked you physically could not do that with this bike you have to run their handlebars and stem if you want a bike that has brakes and gears I mean all cables anyway you can run the wireless of course you know I’m saying like there’s no other way that you can actually physically run brake cables into this bike other than through their system so I think that that’s kind of a bummer for the consumer right as far as like buying stuff for Scott that’s great you know because you have to buy into their whole system now as far as you and I the consumer and kind of like having flexibility of components and customization and if you have something that really fits you well I think that’s the downside so anyway what do you guys think let me just kind of vent a little bit here about something there there’s no prices listed yet at the time of this video for the new Scott addict which I think looks super sick I just want to keep saying that probably the coolest bike I’ve seen in a few years and even some of the lower models like these these gray I think looks super dope look at this Cannondale why is this eleven and a half thousand dollars the Scott I would imagine is probably up there the BMC eleven thousand bucks us what’s the Wilier what does it say I don’t see a price just yet for the Wilier but anyway let me just kind of you know s-works is always notoriously super expensive but look at this Amanda okay they haven’t kind of met with all the stuff yet that we talked about it’s still twelve thousand bucks and now look at the canyon ultimate okay discs yep it’s got the new SRAM it doesn’t have the drop stay as you know etc it’s it’s still a sick bike but this bike is seven kilos where’s the price yeah sorry about that guy so the price is usually right here where it says unavailable but I guess they just sold out in the time that I opened up the page to recording this video but when I just go back a page you can see that it’s seven and a half thousand so my question bike manufacturers is why is this Canyon seven and a half thousand dollars carbon Rams disc brakes the new SRAM group set and and why is the super sex Evo high mod eleven and a half thousand why is the trek Amanda twelve thousand bucks what where is there four and a half thousand dollars of improvement from this top-end bike to this top-end bike I don’t know I don’t get it that’s kind of event anyway that’s all I got for you guys integration what do you guys think thumbs up thumbs down man I think it looks super cool I really liked the clean look of this and I think Scott’s in the right direction with with the way they’ve designed this stem and handlebar so they don’t have to believe the brakes every time you want to tinker around with something but I am a little concerned with the lack of flexibility and being able to put your other stuff on if you have something that fits you right I’m concerned about fit you know and also just the mechanics of the home mechanic but anyway what do you guys thoughts and opinions let me know thanks.

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