Cannondale F-Si First Ride Review

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[VidSitePro id=103 ]we hear a knob stir throughout the new Cannondale FSI the brands top-end carbon cross-country hardtail we’ve just spent the day riding the World Cup course and we thought we’d try and be really edgy and cool and film our pista camera next to the course but it was far too wet rainy and cold to possibly ever do that so we’ve gone back to our hotel room much more favorable climbs and here to tell you about what’s new on the bike the FSI was first introduced back in 2014 and at the time that was a pretty wacky bike it’s no different with the new FSI now there’s a lot to talk about in the bike we’re gonna start in the obvious place with the new lefty nacho de Acho is the eighth generation of the lefty and it sexy guys and the biggest talking point is of course the move from a dual crown design to a single crown design now Cannondale claims there’s one of its primary goals in designing the fork in this way was as you’d imagine reducing weight and Cannondale claims the depending on which model of the fork you go for the art show drops 250 grams off of the previous lefty 2.0 version of the form to give you context with the fork comes at a touch heavier than the statcast 32:4 but a little bit lighter than Sid weight isn’t the only story here with the archer lefty has always been themed as a very very stiff form but what’s quite interesting with the new fork his Cannondale claims is reduced the torsional stiffness so it’s kind of twisting stiffness of the new fork by 14% in the world of cross country where stiffness is kind of triumphed over all else it’s a really interesting move to see them considering how tracking can be improved by reducing stiffness another thing to know about the new lefty is it’s moved to a regular tape of steerer so you’re not gonna have to deal with any proprietary nonsense as with the old form this means you could fit any regular fork to the FSI frame set and indeed the cheapest frames come with a regular four but it also means the lefty could be fed to pretty much any modern frame out there lefties have always been famed for being very very smooth Forks and this is impart due to the fact that their internals run on roller needle bearings and this is actually being improved for the new version of the fork I’m not gonna go into too much detail on that now the best thing to do is to check up my fool right up with a link in the description below on that note Cannondale claims that the new auto has a hundred and forty percent less static friction than a sid or a fox thirty two candle claims this makes it the smoothest fork in history which is a bold claim but one will take with a pinch of salt many will also be delighted to hear the candidate was dropped to hydraulic lockout remote in favor of a regular mechanical cable actuated remote the hydraulic one could work very well it was notoriously Fafi to service and this is a move we’re personally very happy to see owners of the old fork will be aware that it could be quite fast and a bit awkward to remove a wheel quickly the new lefty has a funky little quick-release arrangement which basically works by holding down a button and turning a five mil allen key 180 degrees which allows you to remove the whole caliper in the water there’s loads more to talk about with the new fork we don’t have time to do here because we’ve got an impeding embargo so if you want to learn more check that link in the description below [Music] of course attached to the fork there’s a whole new bike and the FSI platform itself has seen a host of new changes the primary goal when redesigning the FSI was to make a bike that was faster up faster down and faster everywhere all of which added up to a bike which was claimed to be 40 seconds faster around the stellenbosch World Cup course which is a bold claim and I’ll leave her that as you expect of a new XC bike all the usual stuff is there it’s lighter than the previous model stiffer than previous model and it’s claimed to be more comfortable as well the bike still features condyles AI integration which is the whole drivetrain moved off six mil to the right and to counteract this the wheel is dished off to the left this improves tire clearances and also means you’re still able to run a front derailleur on the bike you also get a super short rear end the bike has four hundred and twenty-seven mil long chain stays throughout the range in a bid to improve comfort condyles got rid of the regular seat post clamp and it’s now using a wedge style binder this allows more of the seat post to be showing from the frame which improves deflection they’ve also done this really cool thing with the through axle on the rear and on the non-drive side where you normally have the head of the through axle sitting was actually a slot cut out into the bottom facing down from the bike what this allows you to do is as you undo the thru axle there’s a slightly smaller section halfway across it and as you pull that out it allows the whole wheel to drop out once it’s disengaged for the threads from the drive side this means wheel changers are going to be quicker than ever before with the new FSI as of the old FSI and to prepare all of carnivals XC bikes the geometry great rad for the world of XC so the bike has a 69 degree head angle up front which is match for the 55 Miller set fork and that’s slightly longer offset is said to meet the handling just a little bit more nimble to counteract that slightly slacker head you all of this adds up to a bike which in theory will descend very very well while still having you know really good handling in tight twisty single track last little speck point before we get to how actually rides all of the bikes throughout the range will come SPECT with seven hundred and sixty millimeter wide bars as I’ve said before you can always make a wider bar narrower you cannot make a narrow bar wider so don’t bother leaving any stupid comments so I’m sure you’re very keen to hear how the bike rides I’ve been here riding in Alps at around the World Cup course with my beautiful colleague behind the camera John or allege a very seasoned and experienced taxi racer himself and it’s been a hoot to say the least the conditions have been challenging it’s incredibly wet out there and I am so glad I am NOT an ACCI Pro because I would not like to be racing in those conditions we started with a climb through the bottom of the valley up to the top of the course which if you’ve ever watched the racing that’s not actually look that steep but I can assure you it’s very steep very hard to put any kind of power down Joe and I were riding the tops back World Cup edition of the bike which weighs 8.4 kilos in that build this matched the super stiff frame meant the only thing I was gonna let anyone down in the claims with my meddling power be even out of the saddle the bike felt superb when you lock out that lefty fork it feels more like a road bike than anything else it’s a properly properly firm lockout and it was very very impressive and even riding in those muddy conditions we didn’t have any issues with that cable lockout so I can’t say I missed the hydraulic lockout one bit after those times we almost immediately hit some very very steep rough terrain with a few or two drops and the stiffness of the lefty fork was immediately apparent he’s a very very stiff chassis and the bike feel very accurate in the sort of terrain with that said that accuracy was quite considerably diminished with the lackluster of choice’ tires for the day the bike rules on these new summer exit ours from Schwalbe I’m sure these are great tires for dry fast conditions but they are not what I would have chosen for riding around the course today and that’s super slick kind of sticky mud was sitting on top of the more hard packed layer and any accuracy from the fork was immediately lost with the tire washing up beneath us with that said I didn’t crash take about what you will but I do really think it is a properly confident eggsy bike in seat terrain it doesn’t feel nearly as noodley you don’t feel like you’re gonna pitch over the front of the bar so much and it is a good good shape for this more technical terrain is a shame our first girl in the FSI was slightly compromised by the conditions is a bike which is designed to be ridden really fast and hard not awkwardly tripod around corners like Joe and I did a lot in the day but when we did have a few chances to gas up a few climbs and smash to some descents the bike began to make much more sense but this bike which is designed for World Cup XC racing so that’s what we would expect and hope of it one of the claimed advantages of the lefty is that super super subtle action when we were doing some short seated claims is amazing how active the fork is over small bumps in practice this would translate I suspect a much more comfortable ride in things like marathon races or long fire road climbs where you want to reduce fatigue to the maximum possible the only nigga we had with the new FS I know truthfully this is more of an issue for Joe as much narrower hips than most is that all of the bikes in the range now come with Eagle crank sets with unusually high Q factors Canada has to spec its bikes with a I integration with slightly wider cranks to make up for that slightly wider rear end with the six mil offset with the drivetrain and the only way to narrow down this Q factor is by using carrying Dale’s own hologram cranks this is a very small point and for most it probably won’t be an issue but is definitely something worth considering overall we’ve had a pretty short amount of time on the FSI admittedly on a pretty amazing course and it was so much fun getting to blast around the World Cup course and make an absolute fool of ourselves in comparison to how fast the clothes would be going round but the FSI certainly didn’t disappoint like I said the build the spec wasn’t perfect for the day the tires were slightly ropey choice and we wanted to spend a little bit more time getting to know the bike and making it our own I have a feeling for those looking for a super fast super light cross-country hardtail the new FSI is very unlikely to disappoint.

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