Cannondale CAAD 13 The New King of Aluminium Bikes

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[VidSitePro id=107 ]we’re taking the first look first right on the new Kennedale CAD 13 now the CAD 12 was a really really impressive bike it’s a bike that became bike of the year here at buy trader so we would really really anticipate in what they were going to do with this new model as you can see looking at a new bike it’s changed pretty radically but the design will look pretty familiar for those of you who’ve seen the brand new Cannondale super 6 Evo it comes from the same design team they’ve obviously followed much of the same lines you even look at the tube shapes where they’re using these truncated air foils to make the bike quicker it’s all here but just in a much much more affordable package than the new Evo this new cab 13 starts from 1,300 pounds rises to this which is a top model which comes in a penny shy of 4 grand or five thousand seven hundred fifty US dollars there’s so much of the Evo in this new bike from the trim created profiles of all these tubing the drop rear stays this not 27 post which is kind of D shaped and but they’ve also engineered compliance into the carbon to make it a much much more comfortable ride up front we’ve got similar profile to the floor color this fork is different to the Evo fork up top we’ve got the knot stem and the knot bar directly from the Evo in place and on this the highest model you even get the knot 45 aero wheels [Music] and when you drill down further into the details you know this bike has really got some real premium touches for what is effectively fairly affordable bike it shares the same speed release technology as the higher-end Cannondale so that means on the throw axles you you undo pull but you don’t actually pull the leave of the full way out it stays in the wheel when you pull the wheel out that’s really neat cause it means you’re not chucking a greasy throughout so onto the dirty ground and then I would say why pull the grit off before you put it back on for anyone who lives in it environment like we do here in the UK then you’re gonna really like that the new CAD 13 includes mud guard mounts as good as the CAD 12 was the one thing it was really missing was mucking bounce for when you have to ride in the rain throughout the winters and everything so this bikes just built for that – and just like the Evo you know they play particular attention on this bike – to aerodynamics you know it’s this thing that Canada started off with their system six which an independent testing proved to be the fastest Aero bike out there the Evo used a lot of that tech and so does the CAD 13 just because this bikes an aluminium bike don’t think they’ve skimped on any of the technical details we can go back to those tube shapes again but even down to the real small details like the internal routing has been done to make everything there much more cleaner on the downtube you’ve got a two-position bottle cage so if you’re running – like we are here you can run both bottles in line if you’re only running the one you can put it on to the lowest setting saves a bit of drag so it’s details like this that really make this aluminium bike stand out from the crowd see one of the things that I really loved about the CAD 12 was just the way it handles you know it’s super Swift super sharp but had a really nice sweet balance to it as well glad to say that the CAD 13 follows those geometry numbers almost to the exact number there are slight differences it’s a little bit longer it’s a little bit higher but that’s only because it’s now been redesigned so it can take up to a 30ml tire which again I think is a great thing especially if you’re riding on poorer road surfaces so I’ve been riding and testing this bike almost straight off the back of coming off the new Evo and I have to say it’s very very difficult to tell the two apart this bike just feels so comfortable yet so sharp so fast beautiful accelerating and just absolutely wonderful handling you know its main difference between this and the Evo is probably a couple of hundred grams in the frame set I can live with that you know it’s no big deal their compliance that they’ve managed to do extract out of this bike is pretty impressive when I was talking to come and Dale about it you know they were claiming that this bike has double the compliance of the old Caswell I don’t know about double but this bike is extremely extremely comfortable surprisingly so for what is such a really kind of aggressive race bike now I’ve been lucky enough to be right in this the top model in the range and for a penny shy of four grand as I’ve already mentioned you get these not 45 carbon wheels keyless ready super light super stable in the wind absolutely brilliant and you also get the new force II tap access group set now this Wireless group I think is absolutely brilliant the 12 speed system fantastic they’ve reworked out gear ranges so the numbers won’t be familiar to you but the gear range will be so if we look at this particular force group set on this bike it’s effectively the equivalent on an 11 speed of of and a 52:36 from the 1132 on the back but with this one because of the way the ratios have worked out you’ve actually got a bigger taller gear and you’ve got a lighter gear at the other end plus the gaps between those gears are slightly smaller than you would on an 11 speed so it feels much more progressive it feels very quick and you’re never hunting for a gear when you get into the really steep hills you know this has always got something there for you and that also takes us onto another element that Cannondale have introduced on this bike they also include a new sensor on the front wheel it’s something they designed in conjunction with Garmin this neat little sensor links to an app so when you buy your bike spin the front wheel to wake the sensor up connect straight into the app the app will bring up every detail about your bike you’ll bring up the serial number I’ll bring up the make and model you can look at parts list you can register your warranty the app will track your speed it will track your distance if we want to matter your closest rather through the app should you want that as well and it also means if something goes wrong with a bike you know you can look up the actual part that you’ll need you’re not gonna be waiting for a part because you can pre-order it take it to the shop as we get it repaired or you know should you feel capable do it yourself so I want to get loads of loads more miles in on this bike as first impressions go you know what I would say is this new cut 13 it does surpass the old CAD 12 but more importantly if you’re looking for that Cannondale super 6 Evo experience you know that’s a premium bike you know super bike level you’ll get in 95% of that experience from this bike for half the price and I can’t recommend it more highly than that [Music] no I’m saying how how good this new cat thirteen is but I was a huge huge fan of the original cats well the old white was such a traditional looking such a classic looking bike so we’re seeing this complete new trend across all new road bikes you know you look at a specialist you look at BMC you look at new Cannondale everything is going down this arrow tubing drops they rear model it’s a product of R&D everybody’s getting into the winter nor everybody’s looking at the same sort of arrow thing so things are ending up looking the same everybody wants a bike that’s gonna be more efficient that’s gonna be faster that’s gonna handle better that’s gonna do everything better but what do you what do you guys out there thing we’re kind of a little bit torn between whether you know bikes like they’ve had 13 and the Evo have lost a bit of their soul because they don’t have those classic lines they used to have but we fully appreciate that these just perform better so in the end I guess the big question is are all these technical trade-offs worth it undoubtedly this cab 13 is a much superior bike to the 12 so why don’t you let us know your thoughts do you want tech do you want Beauty which way is it going to be let us know in the comments below.

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