Cannondale 2020 EMTB presentation

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[VidSitePro id=112 ]thanks for watching from above Austria you need to look this up on a map it is a crazy nice place now why am I here I’m here to witness to ebike presentations by a Cannondale Cannondale has always been a huge supporter of an RC community they have done a lot of supporting in the past at events and whatnots actually element RC which is a new brand that got launched by a team associated the element RCS sent over a couple of enduros for us they have fun with during this event and during their back presentation I have seen a few glimpses already of the new ybox that will be presented out where one of them is the electric habit or the habit neo as Cannondale calls it and the other one is the new mo terre really looking forward to see how this developed and how much weight is a shed and how much battery life has added there’s so many parallels actually to words who RC I hope that I will be able to where to capture that into coming a couple of days so a lot of fun I hope the weather will clear up a tiny bit I’m gonna get ready for dinner [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] absolutely beautiful there everybody here has like twenty plus years of biking experience I only have one year the bike so far is insane carbon frame doesn’t really compare to my clearing bike which is their Kuja me over 30 so have it me as a really different geometry feels very stiff boss mode is so far really nice rather than the three steps that I have on my semana create thousands which is an e-coat sale and boost this one actually has eco then it has Torah which I’m currently in then it has the MTB and it has tour about magnesium motor with an aluminum skid plate sorry bit less prone to wear to damage it it is a bit smaller therefore it also generates more heat and all of that needs to be dissipated a bit better and that’s why I chose for the magnesium magnesium is a bit more brittle so whether they need to incorporate skid plate I really like the feel of it so far there’s no wet drop-off and something that my sumana me eight thousand does not have this one for example also has a walk assist battery capacity on these is also slightly better so this is actually at 625 watt hours rather than the 500 that I was using for my a mono system this bike is about two four kilos lighter than my clearance to jongmyo 130 uphill really noticed that that weight shedding so it makes a big difference in how tired you get on it also the wheels on it are 29 inch rather than 27.5 especially climbing does make a bit of difference because your front wheel doesn’t want to come off the after ground all that easy now I guess between the two new bikes presented which is at the motel which is really for the seasoned driver and this habit meal my preference would be the habit meal looking for another habit near thundering down right there I really do how did you guys find disciples a really interesting as well to watch because yeah I really like making that transition a bit or at least opening the door putting my foot between it I’m seeing a thing you perhaps um whatever to join as well in experiencing it a bit more how to say the MTV world there’s a lot of parallels to to the RC boat and not just motors batteries girls how are shots tire choices frame developments and of course also the importance of picking the correct lights I am really enjoying this this blessed day canon l have done an amazing job at the holistic disc and that setting it up nicely and organizing it so it was super cool so far I think as you wonder everybody is biking here in Austria so people all ages all sizes electric non-electric you see a ton of people out on the trails this scenery is so amazing I hope the cameras super nice out there and why this sounds like water oh wow now let’s just give you a tiny bit of a closer look at this new habit neo so this is the new model for a 20/20 so the crew John neo has been sort of replaced by this habit Neill I think you need to look at it like that in addition there’s a new mode Terra really liked what they did I love the new Bosch system it’s been performing really nice this Bosch system actually has four levels of assistance so you can go eco-tour then you can go emt-b and you can go turbo range on it is way better 625 one hour battery on the high respect bikes and they shaved up such an amount of weight about four kilos so almost 10 pounds and that is a big difference so you you truly notice that’s going uphill and also going downhill you have a bike that’s a lot more agile and doesn’t feel as clunky as some of the previous versions let’s see if I can show you how terrible I’m currently looking because this has been quite an exercise for me it’s really grateful for for Canada for bringing me out here that also shows that they trust the whole concept of the crossover that’s I hope will happen I hope a lot more people will check out the e box and see what’s possible with them they’re kind of fun I’ve been having a blast online my cardio is getting a lot better but of course it’s nothing compared to a season’s cyclists that have been doing it for 20 plus years [Music] this was really a short visit but it was also really cool visit made a lot of new friends yesterday was jam-packed with a lot of biking also a lot of RC stuff this video is just about biking if you want to see you at the next video in which we take out the elements RC enduro trucks big thank you to rudder distributing and a big THANK YOU to element RC for sending these trucks out everybody had a blast with them all of the journalists have been super impressed with these two new bikes I have just been riding their habit Nielsen’s that’s more up my alley but everybody who has been testing the motor as well was well impressed with the added frame stiffness the reduction in weight new motors new body motors they’re great can’t wait to get one of those bikes I flew in Norway so I can ride them some more thank you so much for watching if 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