Calibre Sentry live ride review: Is this £2k 29er MTB the biggest enduro bargain ever?

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I mean it’s called eccentric because its purpose designed to look after you and the amount of control confidence speed and fun they’ve pulled out of a to K budget it’s just insane my name’s guy Testament I’ve been testing mountain bikes professionally for over 21 years and today I finally get to tell you about a bike are being gagging to unleash on you for ages the brand new caliber century 150ml travel 29er full-on enduro weapon I mean obviously the headline news on this century is the spec you getting at – okay lyric RC up front hundred sixty minute travel deluxe are long-stroke shock on the back fräulein X Eagle guide re breaks some of the most powerful Briggs you could wish for WTB wheels high grip heavy duty carcass so for long endurance back with that guy outdoors discount card two thousand pounds which is just ridiculous even put some of the online manufactures offshore obviously you got that back up by buying it from a UK shop but you don’t have to wait around go and get one straight away and arguably the pro version is even pair value it’s got lyric rc2 fork and Super Deluxe kolchak with eagle TX four to eight you can hang whatever you want for Shatan food for shutting right then ain’t gonna ride right so this Bank is about way more and good value the shape of it is just superb 65 degree angle 76 degree C angle 487 Miller each 1263 almost so crazy stable this is exactly the shape the modern enduro bike is supposed to be and that’s clear Peter how well caliber I’ve got this bike dialed the riders themselves biking the caliber team you know these are guys who hit the Alps and Whistler but I tested racing Giro in the UK he shows it every corner every lift every landing this bike is totally dialed just so stable itself and it’s not just price brilliantly for a starter enduro bike the shock and fork simplicity makes it super easy to set up – and it might only be a simple deluxe our damper but close for caliber I’ve got it so sorted it turns the kinematic starts off leverage ratio about 2.7 drops down to two one seat so natural progression in there so I’m running about 25% sag a little bit less saggy than you normally might do hovering I’m putting a volume spacer in there nearly gone for that a few times but it’s out of control even he stopped for me I haven’t actually needed to yeah and the fact there’s no compression leaver I just met on the rear shock means this actually got bare high-speed high-flow the more expensive well complicated shops so genuinely smoother and that Kyary does so well keeping up with the back end of such a capable bike in the moment they could do with a little bit more compression and rebound salty but for the most part it’s so controlled and structurally there’s stiffness he’s just inspiring haha it’s such a good bike to get rowdy on regardless of cost and that’s the theme as soon as you hit the first set of berms and drops he gonna completely forget you’ve saved an absolute fortune because you’re having oh yes there are some cost compromises it’s 16 kilos all told it’s two and a half kilos that that is these tires and those tyres are a bit wooden and they do roll slow but they’re really really tough you can run at low pressures without worry and they’re really good value but because it’s actually pedals so well it’s really not massive issue either yeah for sure it’s not gonna pop and accelerate as well as a lighter bike but the light set of wheels and tires I’ve tested it with carbon wheels and the lights a 2.6 is an immediate feels a lot more dynamic and agile so the wheel pack is definitely the upgrade route to go and it’s external cable rear which saves a bit of money but the actual frame feel but damping on it is absolutely superb certainly doesn’t feel cheap in any way shape or form the smoothness and control Mike and RockShox have pulled out at this deluxe air shop it’s stunning enough but riding it with the Super Deluxe coil but I’ve nicked off Mike he’s absolutely insanely control and you gain that a standard on the prospective a and they say an X crank even though it hasn’t got a through axle feels absolutely fine but it’s the handling of this bike it’s a poison how controls are back where they ended how well it slides and drift that’s what makes this and absolutely that’s Thomas you bike at whatever price so much confidence and control well past why you’d normally regard as the ragged edge and this really it we’re all right out there with the best bikes in its category just keeps on gripping and charging be yes ah the grip is outrageous yes Wow I cannot believe that you just hold me out of that that pushed all my rings to the limit the hey Andrew bar 45 bill Stan Shaw offset fork give it amazing agility please even got really nice cribs something about it ok before in the past well boss rear is definitely skinny for a two point four the shape means it breaks away a lot easier than the front making a really good corner infuse and you probably push it too far better lean angles and the speed you can carry at just our radius slide the tires send stuff I’m writing all of this blind but doing it with so much confidence this century is just absolutely phenomenal in everything all gasp who cares about the boys got brilliant brakes hardly a Bonita it’s just sound control I am getting away with bloody murder here I bloody love it I mean I’ve always a sucker for an underdog bike and of course this is the same design team I brought you the benchmarks a fastener triple B I’ve done the Snowden video on but this bike is just insane it’s a whole new level you’re gonna have so many people having such a good time on this century Thank You ham sterling thank you caliber response for in this video they think my opinions worth listening to hope you do too caliber century you absolute beast thanks for watching that’s to subscribe in thanks for liking subscribe to my patreon channel if you want more exclusive content watch the tech walkthrough working interview with mike where we talk through the mule frames and the development process watch caliber zone videos watch the load of other review videos on it but guarantee I’ve been talking to all the other reviews on this I guarantee you one thing they will all be saying this is the best way to spend 2k if you want absolute flat-out fun on a mountain bike right now caliber sentry so sorted for the money

October 1, 2019
October 1, 2019

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