Calibre rewrites the rulebook for enduro bikes

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[VidSitePro id=45 ]Hi it’s Rachel here from afraid CC and today we’re in the woods talking to Mike from caliber and they’ve got a brand new bike out which is called the century which we are really keen to ride and we’ll be doing that straight after this and but at the moment Mike’s gonna tell us all about a new bike so take your way Mikey so yeah the bike in front of you is the century and then we have one model above this which is the sentient pro same frame just utilizing obviously the next level of kit that comes with it both bikes are basically designed to be one thing and one thing only which is fast we really wanted like EWS out the box was kind of what we had in mind so literally take the bike out of the box pump the tires are filled in correctly and then you know you could ride and race it without having to change any parts and stuff like that yeah it’s been nearly two years so since we kind of decided we wanted to make sure that we’ve got it right and also small team as well so with that comes you know sort of you know a lot more shared workloads yeah it’s you know but we’re really happy with it now and yeah can’t wait for it to kind of be out in the stores and underneath there people yeah definitely we’ve tested the bus nut and I know that you and I’ve had conversation before about you love the fact that that’s how you aim the boss not as people getting people into riding and then being there first by can enjoy manta might for the first time and then they might upgrade their boss now or move on to another brand which I think it’s time you said is fine with you but now they’ve got something else yeah they can move on too so yeah something else they can move on to also I just think you know sort of a you know I like racing I’m not saying these that you know something for everybody but it’s something quite competitive like and it’s like something I saw at the races were you know the cheapest kind of indoor the enduro bikes that people were riding was like 5,000 pounds and I was just like well you know if I didn’t work in the bike industry is no way on earth I do five yeah you know so literally be kind of you know it would be one bike that you would have for a long long time so it was one of the kind of styling processes of this bike was could we make you know a juror or croffer enjoy a worthy bike the third price point that is exactly that budget blank so all the time in our head was two thousand pounds for there which is what this bike with the goats like pant discount card is yeah so you know that was always in our head was that’s what we got a push point and say the pros a little bit more and that’s more of just the showcase the frame is really worthy of upgrading as and when you bought this one show that that bike is worthy of my RN bits and pieces on so it also gives us something for our team riders to ride and race so and we’ve got Corey Taylor yep so she’s my first year in EWS the female category she’s quick and she’s you know really stoked on the bike which we’re super happy with and then we’ve got Ally Baron who’s guy that’s been riding on caliber for a couple years now helped us a lot of videos at University in Sheffield so he’s going to be riding as and when he come in between sort of thing and helping us out with videos this is a really stylish rider and and then also Simon projet for a French style rider he’s also got one as well so we’re really intrigued to see what that makes a skill I mean general bike is gonna bring to the mix if you sim interview interesting videos coming soon with those guys and girls so yeah so even working for two years journey got some prototypes of Joanna talk me through yes so like say we started sort of nearly two years ago and we sort of had an idea of what we wanted to create and we had a sort of a series of specifications it needed to be and geometry and mines we rode a lot of other people’s brands bikes yeah and there was like maybe three or four that we kept coming back to is using as a mainstay of what we liked and a component parts of those so the short offset force on the bike for instance that was you know something we found and tested we rock shock and really kind of loved the feeling of it he sounds tough but it really does make a massive difference especially on that the 29er was such a shock that angle but yeah this was quite a funny one to begin with so this is effectively where we got to and our 3d CAD drawings and then we effectively had like writer’s block and we just really lost kind of our track of what we wanted and what we wanted to look like so I just pushed the button and we got it made even though we knew it wouldn’t ride and he was unrideable but it and enabled me I’m one of these guys who likes to have like something physical yeah I can kind of really see and you can see I’ve written written all over it yes built coffee on it you know drawn pencil drawings so it really kind of with myself and Johnny Talese my graphic designer was actually really a big help in this and also other members of the team just kind of gave us a starting point to to kind of progress from because I could say we really at this point we’re kind of stumped of what we were going to do so it’s tangible in hands helped yeah massively yeah so we have enables this kind of kickstart the project again and kind of grew from there we went then so this was kind of prototype 2 of the front triangle but pretty much instantly when we sanic we realized the effective top she was too small okay when you’re a star on the side oh you felt like your knees are on the handlebars so what happened do every seat with the seat yeah it was just like kind of a combination of her feet their geometry sort of that didn’t really work you know trial and error ease of you know sometimes the best way yeah so we still rode it the reach numbers in the head angle and the bv heights were well at this point we thought we wanted it to be so in terms of actually riding when you’re out at the side of it was okay it was just on your suck trying to pedal up the hills it so weird so that didn’t last too long and we moved on to a new front triangle which had a much better kind of effective tachi numbers and as you can see this bike got very well abused hobby Baron – curtain wall zine the race to Nationals on it you know I did a lot of riding on it as well and you can see that you broke a pole in was easy box I was like why it’s a one-off – no go find a hardware store and make you mean guy working again yeah yeah you know works and you know kind of did its job and just enabled us to make some more tweaks and then produce like four and five or actually still running at the moment so some tailor our photographer he’s on prototype before and Ally Baron until the new bites arrived this week was on prototype five so they’re still up and running and all they really were were the Kratt tubing but all of the the forged parts where cnc’d so it looked identical valves he didn’t have quite the same strength as the forged parts leaves the and then this is the finished article [Music] great so took us through this fight go spec geometry it’s pretty progressive thank ya so this is so small for you so yeah this is also all Chloe’s right in size small so had Angus phones you starting at a 64 degree head angle so it’s you know not far off of a downhill bike at a moment in 29 are wheels and then like I said it’s a short offset fork as well so I really kind of create more stability when you’re kind of really kind of getting this bike to go as fast as you possibly can so it really helps and then stops with the wandering as well when he’s on the climbing yeah so reach wise on this small you’re at 4 4 5 and then it goes up in 20 minutes 20 millimeter increments so 485 and then 505 I think for the for the excel you’ve got fairly long chain stays at 4 4 5 s and then the BB Heidi’s 3 through 5 so again low but again you know with this the low standover height and that’s that’s like head angle and long buck Henry brings you into the bike and enables you just to kind of charge and you know just feel confident down pretty much anything so test riding wise you know the bike to say he’s being ridden by sort of Harley borrowing myself we’ve desired la carte mores on it to cut to Whistler you and it just kind of goes to show suppose I something with downhill bike it take to go to Whistler and I took I took my century to sort of the bike parking so I think on this small as well like the 420 ml c tube isn’t it so six degree effective see there also some angles on bikes super efficient and four four five chain stays fun right yep yeah and then I suppose one of some of the key kind of things on this bike you’ve got the NX Eagle green set enables you to kind of get the requirements of those bikes we weren’t heavily with rock shock on the shop tuned so we did some test days in a van with those guys and they really helped me out making sure that the shop she was perfect for this bike we said you know just a really honor to work with those guys and all unsecured so intelligent it made my life a lot easier we use the guide re break so again using the old code caliper so you know once you’ve got this bike up to full charges because you need to sometimes get it displayed our core drop the first handlebar and then on the tires were using WT be another tough casing tires so again one of the things I saw and a lot of high end bikes that they were using kind of like a mid-level kind of supporting tire to keep the weight down but if you’re going to try and ride that bike will race that bike in the way it’s supposed to be doing you’re gonna flat ripped off the rim or whatever it might say yeah although they’re a bit heavier they’re literally straight out and you can go and ride it and race it over the Rockies gnarly stuff and they’ll give you a lot more security than I saw the lights away car keys do you know how much this bike weighs this this one sir 16.2 in the large without pedals and the pro is 16.7 because uses the coilover rear shock so we’re just more weight to that so we’ve got the Aries on this one and then watch Lux Lux shaft isn’t it yeah it’s on the top-end bike you get a lyric lyric rc2 in the red the coil over the Super Deluxe coil over with the remote lockout so you’ve got the twist could block out at the barfi as used by yes of a lot of VW s professionals rumor hazards to see Robin Ola uses it in corners which I’ve tried and could not get my just thin corner basically doing that you get a reverb GX eagle group ok slightly higher end WTB rims with the a Simmons yeah ultimately the bikes the same so and that’s to eight that one yeah that’s two thousand eight hundred and again we were sort of limited amount of those you know if you kind of think where we are with a Bosna telling them the bosses at work that I basically triple the price tag you know was a scary moment for them yes but in terms of this bike we’ve got it’s going to be in all the guard or stores available internationally online as well you know a lot of them yeah so although we’re filming this long for the release date because I’m gonna have a couple months arrive in this if today is the 21st of March can people buy them today there’ll be a copy of this as it stands of yarn of our week afterwards so we’re showing them at the London show so if you want to come and see it in the flesh yeah both bikes will be on display at the London Bike Show and then they should be in stock about there basically in all stores yeah cool all right then we’re gonna get this out for me then go over right awesome

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