Calibre Bossnut Review 2020 first look.

Calibre Bossnut Review 2020 first look.

Is this the best way to spend £1100?

let’s get this straight so you’ve complete let me design the frame you’ve got a really really nice paying job that you can buy in the store it’s not online only and no so this will be in sort of around 70 stores nationwide.

we’ve got the all-new calibre bossnut to look at and when I say all-new I mean completely new from every aspect really isn’t it yeah it’s basically oh yeah a whole new bike from ground up just the name effectively stays the same I think pretty much right so let’s start with the frame what’s changed on this frame compared to the previous boss nut?.

bossnut 2020

we’ve got a whole new chipset in the front triangle which came from our century bike okay there before new geometry so it’s a little bit longer slacker a little bit lower and we’ve also got the steep at sea angle on there and then we’ve also got a 1/4 2 by 12 bolt free finally on the bossnut so something that we’ve been sort of trying to do for the last couple of years but never managed to achieve that but for this model we’ve managed to do it .

geometry changes will make it obviously longer a bit more stable at speed yeah the slack head angle would help with the steeper stuff and get a bit more nalli yeah but is it a slack and as aggressive as the century no.

We basically still wanted this to be sort rail focused but what we obviously learn a huge amount on the development of the century so we kind of obviously wanted to bring some of that aspect into that into the boss not kind of family and bring that like say that confidence and our stability and also like since doing the bossnut we’ve.

we’ve seen a lot more people kind of doing higher end things with that bike than we really anticipated back when we did it so three four years ago we didn’t really envisage people doing the crazy things that one really wasn’t anticipated for.

bossnut 2020

so yeah we’re hoping these changes kind of will bring that on line with you know pushing the boundaries again of what can be done yeah so I mean it’s going to be it’s an entry level bike on price but in terms of performance and geometry in spec it’s like it’s not entry level no is it you know is again that’s what kind of caliber is all about it you know bringing that sort of aspect to the riders and we just really wanted this bike to come here take that next step up in terms of in performance and geometry and kind of yet just bring sort of more ideas into that fold and keep it in there.

You mentioned that you changed the seat angle is it so it’s steeper now is it yes it seventy four and a half and that’s just kind of again brings those riders a little bit further over the bottom bracket and it’s something we did when we did this or the testing we actually had a sort of a frame and we built it with the the Evo part.

The only difference between the two bikes of back-to-back testing was the the frame the chassis as it were and it was something that was really evident Strout the gate was that riding position was much more comfortable much more sort of efficient.

Just you were able to kind of clean more technical trails easier and then just when you’re just riding along soft gravel paths or whatever but winching your way back up to a descent it just felt like a nicer place to be if you see I mean in terms of your weight distribution great.

I think other changes on the bike as well so I mean obviously we’ve got different tube sets and things but I noticed there’s a few like so there’s no cable routing along the down tube anymore yeah so again so with the the dropper post now it’s we’ve got sort of semi stealth ring so we’ll run along here under the BB and then there’s a stealth port in the back of the CG on the older models quite right here we had the external reading as well but as kind of things have progressed in terms of past accessories and it what’s available aftermarket the external posts are kind of few and far between now everything’s going tough stuff for Ian.

That was an easy thing and it just makes the bike aesthetically look nicer yeah Bernie did before you and that’s a simple routing does that mean if you weren’t for this bike and decided to add a stealth dropper on at a later day you don’t need to worry about threading your those all the way through the net it would take you so five minutes yes any other end so yeah it’s pretty easy to do.

bossnut 2020

Again the whole idea of you know with all of our bikes pretty much was kind of you know doing away with things that don’t necessarily bring anything to the performance of that point so yeah you know things like the external rec cable room you know we’ve said it before when will you be with the century it’s just the easy and if you want to replace a cable in the car park you can.

you’re not poking a hole light forever and it’s frustrating isn’t it you say you get to a bite ride and you’re like ah man I need to change this cable if you haven’t thread it through the inside it just ruins the experience and that’s not what you want to do is that you want to go out and enjoy the ride really yeah totally and it just also brings another element of small cost grunt hit but all of those small costs you know something out of where if we shall go to conventional external cable room we can kind of save those costs and put those into other specification areas.

Actually speaking of that so this is the entry level bike but we’re more mention the price but although this is the entry level bike it still comes with a 1 by 12 Eagle group set well yes I’m not don’t think I’ve seen a full suspension bike at this price where the 1 by 12 group set and there are probably a few more with this new SRAM a sexy eagle group set that the guys at trauma have managed to produce.

It’s something we tried to do with the Evo model right we really tried to put an eagle group set on that bike but there just wasn’t their capability at that time with the an axial but the SX Eagle has just brought that price point down a little bit they’ve used a huge amount of engineering plastics yeah the price points come down and things like that power spline three piece crank set again keep that price down but in terms of performance level the rider gets that huge 50 teeth and then I’d say coupled with the steeper see angle in the longer reach it just makes this bike climb you know really really efficiently yeah I mean think I think that’s gonna be like a real like an eye-opener when people go and have a look at this bike it seemed like oh yeah it looks amazing the paint job is superb actually if you see it in the sunlight it looks amazing.

but then when you see one by 12 you see SRAM brakes on it and everything it’s less like wow this is a very impressive piece of kit yeah and the SRAM breaks again you know those are a kind of a thing that might kind of get just passed but you know the level tees they’re on here you know they’re a great little break they’re super lightweight for the price point they’re so powerful you know and one of our riders Ali was our in more xena mache doing this also photos in sand video for it and it was one actually one of the first things that you commented on about the bike which is a little bit depressing after work and we’re good the plates are really good so yeah that was pretty nice to kind of know that we’ve got the right sort of point on that because like I say I think he will be going a little bit faster on this bike then you would have any other previous.

I mean that geometry just is more stable more confidence-inspiring so you’re going to go a bit harder and faster I mean yeah so the head angles gone to a 66 degree which is you know quite slack first of the 130 trail bike that it is and then we got the the new recon fork from RockShox which is you know a lot lighter law stiffer than that the old one yeah and it’s also got fastback stanchions yeah it looks just looks a lot better than the chrome stanchion so yeah anything special about the rear shock on this bike it’s the same rear shock as we’ve had on the previous models.

but we worked with the guys at rock shock again again I think kind of at century project kind of really helping out with our relationship with the guys and we’ve just changed the tune so last kind of three years it was a medium medium tune and it’s now a medium light so that you know just hopefully with the kind of changes in the geometry and everything just gives that rider a little bit more kind of you know ability to get the most out of the bike.

it’s something that again like if you go in and you look at this bike that’s not something that you’ll necessarily see what you wouldn’t know if you looked at it you need to be told that yes don’t you yeah yeah so I mean it’s okay a brand just changing the geometry and completely redesigning the bike but if the old suspension tech that was with the old bike doesn’t work with the new on it’s pointless isn’t it yeah when you’ve gone that step and you’ve actually tuned it to work yeah we’re just really kind of money to make sure that like say if we changed anything that they’re new within the sold parts that actually brought something to here or if we’re taking something away that we’re not kind of it’s going to be missed if you said I mean so and then things like that Cheney.

you know that’s really important because ultimately otherwise that just is a big expense to try and change exactly yeah I mean there are a few other like really nice little details that again you wouldn’t necessarily notice but they’ve been changed us to improve the rider their comfort in the phone basically yeah it’s just little things I suppose one of those would be the grips we’ve changed to a light sort of softer compound grip where a few of the reviews of bikes can pass where the groups are a little bit hard also a little bit kind of in the way and if you have daily gloves okay from say a crash or whatever there you were just in yeah so we’ve changed that so there are a lot softer now and also know that’s sort of the texture of them there’s a lot more grip yeah to be had there ultimately it’s a personal preference but again at the price point of this bike.

you know if they’re 20 pounds or something that’s in terms of percentages quite a lot of money to to kind of have to change straightway so and it was an easy change for us to make so we did that so yeah and how about the tires too you mentioned something about that front tire yeah so we worked with our bikes we’ve use a lot of WTB and the boss not especially has been WTB equipped from the word go and we work with the guys at WTV to bring their high grip compound which is alright which is on their aftermarket tires to this comp level tire so it’s still a wire bead you know it’s still they’re kind of their entry-level price point tire but now has the the high grip compound so it will just bring again that next level of confidence and gripping the wet on roots and rocks and stuff like that.

but you know without pushing the price point up by putting enough the market tire on okay so if I so let’s get this straight so you’ve completely redesigned the frame you’ve got a really really nice paint job you’ve changed everything from the shock Jun so that they’re gearing to 1 by 12 kung-fu tires come for your grips it’s custom tuned suspension for this bike yep so it’s gonna cost me what like three or four thousand pound no it’s 1,100 pounds 1,100 pounds for this complete bike for a one by twelve full suspension bike that you can buy in the store it’s not online only and though this will be in sort of around 70 stores nationwide and then online as well so if you want to be delivered to your home.

the end you can do or if you want to deliver to a store and then they got a build up or like white so you so you can just go into a store yeah and have a sit down on the bikes and try for size yeah we actually mentioned before we started filming this that the boss not come become a bit of a cult by cousin it really yeah and there’s a huge owners Network because well isn’t that yeah so the video we were actually just filmed for this and Saturday just gone past at Legion by park and we invited the guys from the boss night owners group and there’s were just over 1,400 members as it stand and it’s nothing to here with us you know those guys have have kind of done ice all over their own back and and that is there is a real kind of sort of you know kind of yeah group that they link data organized meets yeah it had 80 odd varieties turn up to Cannock Chase all that of their own steam.

it’s a really a good thing to do and it was really humbling for myself to yeah it’s a sort of speak to these guys and realize that you know that the bikes actually bought a huge amount of fun to them which is why obviously aim to do so and it’s amazing like like say like you can go from what you can get this 11 hundred pound bike and because it’s got that sorted frame geometry that new tube set and everything you could build on it or you can use it as it is and you can go from like Leeds urban bike park to leisure mosey on the same bike and you not feel like oh don’t have enough bike no it’s just that’s incredible and that’s what probably why there’s 1,400 members it’s like okay cool so when are these going to be available in store if we wanted to buy one ninth of August they’ll be in stores and online yes oh yeah and we’ve also got the ladies version as well which is effectively a change in just the color yeah the only change in specifications the handlebar with a slightly narrower okay and then the color is like a really nice grey with like a turquoise et really kind of accents on it yeah so that’s everything on the bus know what we’ll do now is we’ll get a chest camera arm we’ll get this we’ll do some riding footage we’ll get some we’ll get some time on the bike and do a full review I’m sure Michael biack back again with more caliber bike news yeah we’ve got a few more bikes in the inner pipeline and somewhere a bit closer than others so yeah but there’s quite a lot of kind of new exciting stuff coming from from calibre yeah awesome cool so what if you’ve got any questions about this bike or maybe future bikes I don’t know if you can tell you some of them let us know in the comment section below and we’ll do our best to answer them as quickly as possible and don’t forget to subscribe for more mountain bike news and reviews.

Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed by Dom Green – 18th Sep, 2019

A hoot! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I just upgraded from a line 10 which was great. This is an incredible bike for the money. It’s like a magic carpet after having done Peak District trails on a hard tail. No regrets!! Thanks Calibre!

Reviewed by Ragnor Norse – 18th Sep, 2019 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Incredible machine for the money

I never expected this machine to climb or descend as efficiently as my old £3000 mtb which had fox full suspension, but hey it was better at both climbing and descending, I’m actually shocked.

Reviewed by mik – 17th Sep, 2019

Wow!? ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Went to Glentress at the weekend. been twice before on a hardtail and hung on for dear life. This bike glides, feels true, and smooth. I am no downhill expert but that was fun. This bike is awesome!!!

Reviewed by BermDweller – 15th Sep, 2019

Beyond expectation – wow is all I can say.

Been riding the bike for 4 weeks now, in a fair few different terrain types, Cheshire loam , Shropshire rock ridges – has not missed a single beat – its incredible for the money to be fair – Get ONE!!

Reviewed by Nick – 16th Aug, 2019

Good value for money ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Well for start I have to say bike looks totally awesome well done for design

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