BMC URS (Unrestricted) First Ride Review [2020 Gravel Bike]

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Hey guys welcome back to theKids bikes shop today we’re gonna have a first look at the brand new 2020 model from BMC their new gravel bike is the unrestricted oh one one so this is their top of the line gravel plus bike this thing can pretty much go over any road and we’re gonna take a quick look at the bike itself and then go out for a little test ride and go over my impressions of the bike so today is my first day actually going for a ride on the bike before we go on the ride though let’s take a quick look so the frame itself incorporates some of the technology from the mountain bike so you can see we’ve got the micro travel section here and component-wise this thing is specked out with SRAM read the entire unrestricted line is single up front so single up front and then 12 speed in the back the o11 model is also decked out with some deep-dish wheels and the stock tire on these are actually 42 so those are some monster tires on here and on today’s test ride we’re gonna be going over some really awesome gravel road riding here in Monticello Italy some other unique things about the bike so the sizing is a bit different than your standard road sizing so we’ve got SML sizing rather than 56 54 and 51 so I went with a size large I’m 183 centimeters we’ve got a WTB saddle on here and in the center of the frame we’ve actually got two bottle bolts here here and we’ve also got some top bolts for you to mount things here and actually down on the bottom part of the bike we’ve also got another section amount so we’ve actually got one two three four different sections that we can mount different items for like bike packing and stuff like that we’ve also got our ICS Aero stem mount here so everything is internal all the cables are routed inside we’ve also got the nice extender here to the stem for your Garmin mount your GoPro mount you can get an adapter to do both you can put your lights there whatever you want we’ve got some nice outward-facing handlebars here combined with the beautiful SRAM red levers so the right shifter will shift you into a harder gear and the left shifter will shift you down into an easier gear because this is just a single up front and moving to the front of the bike we’ve got this beautiful fork and especially I like this piece at the end so this is kind of like a fork plug and it protects it so if you have to take the wheel off you can just drop this down on the ground you don’t have to worry about any damage to the paint or to the fork itself here the other unique thing that you’ll notice about this bike is there’s very little BMC branding on here so most BMC bikes they’ve got like the big BMC logo here but on this bike they’ve only got it in a few subtle places so in the front there’s not even any marks here we’ve got the subtle BMC in the front in this section we’ve got the unrestricted here or the Earth’s for short the RS that’s their short code name for this bike another cool little design is their logo for the earth and they’ve got a cool t-shirt sample for that as well that’s here on the back so overall a nice subtle clean design bike and on the left side of the bike as well we’ve also got the different Earth’s logo on here that’s not on the right side and on the left side of the fork you can see we’ve got a different color then we’ve got on this other side we got the blue on here so the entire range is kind of like that they’ve got the one sort of unique color on the right side of the fork and you can see we’ve got our through axle section here and our Saran red brakes man those things look super minimal super light alright guys time to get started with the test ride of the brand-new BMC unrestricted gravel bike starting off our ride in this gorgeous area here and we’ve got a large group of people [Applause] is this your first time on a gravel bike you missed your mountain bike chance earlier this is eating she’s a super famous Korean model so you gotta start today’s ride that s7 you do some video right on Instagram you always do this pose so the loop we’re doing today is about 28 kilometers mix up some road some gravel mix of everything this is actually my first time using a road kind of bike drop bars with these electric shifters so actually you tap the right side to go into a harder gear and then you tap the left side to go down and it’s all shifting the rear derailleur so since today’s rides pretty long I’m not gonna film the whole thing but try and film some of the highlights beautiful riding here in Italy and this bikes got a pretty interesting feel so far so the way they designed it is there’s a longer wheelbase but shorter stem so it definitely handles way different than a normal road bike or different style gravel bike the other thing I like is these sort of swooping out dropper bars so really comfortable I use these a lot in my cyclocross races so definitely prefer these kinds of bars for this kind of riding [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] yeah I’m from Michigan but I live in Japan you Irish but I live in speed here we go starting the gravel section what this bike was meant for and I think we’re gonna be racing along this stretch a little bit so I got to make my way up this is awesome we don’t really get gravel roads like this in Japan and this thing flies Oh man it is really hot I think it’s about 38 Celsius right now Oh correct man this is so much fun I wish we had these kinds of roads in Japan it is hot [Applause] [Applause] holy crap it’s on [Music] I was your first experience on a gravel road oh my god yeah yeah to YouTube to wheel cruise I’ll you’re on your road pedals okay do you ever do any gravel riding in Korea my first time yeah we don’t have any gravel road in Japan it’s all nice nice pavement probably same in Korea right oh yeah yeah every road is nice but my hometown in America every road is like this yeah from Michigan near Canada know how you’re fast [Applause] so I’m actually a really really big fan of gravel riding my hometown some of you guys know I’m from Detroit Michigan area so we’ve got a lot of dirt roads in that area I grew up on dirt roads and actually when I was racing pretty competitively my first professional win in the u.s. from a pro 1/2 race not like a super high pro level race but like a local state level Pro race my first win was on a half road half gravel road racing yeah I just love riding gravel feels great to be out on some gravel roads today and like I mentioned earlier I don’t really have much opportunity to do this in Japan because every road is just paved super nice high quality which of course there’s good and bad because who’s gonna complain that you got really nice paved roads but I really do miss the gravel roads sometimes more just riding here geez but man that Sun is beating down 38 degrees Celsius back on the gravel [Applause] some nice hay bales over here [Applause] off-road style I’ve been really impressed with how comfortable this bike feels like we’re obviously riding on some really rough sections and yeah just these wider tires like I’ve never ridden anything this wide on a drop handlebar setup before like it feels like I’m on a mountain bike but with road bike geometry it’s crazy when we are sprinting through the gravel section earlier I just felt like I was floating over everything speed bumps is there another thing that’s pretty rare in Japan and another interesting thing riding here in Italy they’ve got those garbage bins everywhere and there’s no public garbage bins really in Japan other than convenience stores lots of interesting little differences of noticing up until now I haven’t had too much experience with the one by drive chain and one thing I was worried about was just the range of gears is it going to be enough hinge this thing is doing pretty solid on the downhills and uphills haven’t had a lack of gear or anything and I’m starting to get a bit spoiled with the electronic shifters I think it’s gonna be hard to adapt back to what I have back home my bikes back home are still intense speed [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] all right guys we’re coming to close of today’s test ride video I’ve had an amazing time riding this bad boy on the gravel roads here in Italy and to be honest I’m sad to say goodbye to this guy so some final impressions before we go the handling on this guy super smooth and just the wide tires everything just feels like you’re floating over everything I was just flying over those gravel sections and if you’re in a place with a large gravel road selection like my hometown in Michigan or here in Europe definitely highly recommend this bike great adventure bike and we’ll be doing a couple more review videos and my time here in Italy I’ll link the playlist up here so feel free to check it out what were your final impressions you’re gonna convert to gravel riding yeah no more time machine.

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