balance electric unicycle scooter V5F 480w Monowheel Onewheel Self Balancing Lamps

Color: White Black
List price: US $999.00
Price: US $999.00

Item Specifics

Brand Name:
> 60V
Power Supply:
Lithium Battery
> 500w
Range per Power:
31 - 60 km
Rated Passenger Capacity:
One Seat
Wheel Size:
Max Speed:
Frame Material:
Mini Type
Model Number:

Product Description

For Adults Only

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Product information

Color:Black White
Net weight:11.9 kg
Mileage:21.8-25 mi (35-40 km)
Max. Speed:15.6 mph (25 km / h)
Angle of climbing: 18 °
Payload:120 kg
Loading time :About 3.5 h ③
Engine power:550 W
Charger Input Voltage:110-240 V 50 / 60Hz
Charger Output Voltage:Cc 84 V * 1.5A
Drums:4.4AH 480WH
Dimension Outdoor Tire:14 inches
Bluetooth:Bluetooth 4.0 BLE
Battery Protection Against Overheating 131 ° f (55 ℃)
Product size:18.74 * 15.82 * 6.53 in
Distance between the footboard and the floor 4.52 inches (11.48 cm)
IP Values:P55
Operating temperature:14 ~ 104 ° F (-10 ~ 40 ℃)
Decorated lamp Blue front light, red taillight
The displacement range is measured at 25 ℃, about 20 km / h, the payload of 70 kg and the flat road. Factors such as driving habit, environmental temperature, condition of the road surface, payload, etc. will affect the continuous displacement mileage.
The maximum cruising speed is measured at 25 ℃, the payload of 70 kg, the complete electrical voltage and the flat road. Factors such as driving habit, ambient temperature, condition of the road surface, payload, etc. affect the speed.
③The charging time varies depending on the ambient temperature and the battery capacity which may change over time.

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