Are These The Hottest New E-Bikes Of 2020?

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Hello and welcome today we’ll be talking about nothing apart from new amounted bikes for 2020  that with the launch of the new Bosch motor last week there’s been a lot of brands put in their new Eman two bikes on the market and focus have added to their jam range.

This is 150 ml traveled mountain bikes that they have they now have Shimano moated bikes and also the new bosch CX motorbikes quite interesting to see the geometry changes which are affected by the motor now the existing Shimano bikes if you look at the chainstay the 29 inch wheel version has a 400 Sentinal change today whereas the 27.5 has a 457 Beltane stay on that bike and school interested look at the reach numbers which is i can a good estimate on the size of the bike they both come in at four hundred forty millimeter reach for the size large so explained chain say lengths and top tube lengths and for the viewers that don’t quite understand well i means on the trail yeah well I guess we’ve talked to it several times on the show is if you have short chain stays say 420 ml they’re going to be they’re going to get into corners quicker yet the weight bias on the bike is gonna be further back so there’s more a tendency for that front wheel to get in the air rise if you have the chainstay of say four hundred and seventy mill then you’re gonna be having a more forward weight bias not like which could you could argue makes for a bear climbing bike however lots of people have been talking about the new Bosch motor on how much because of its compactness that allows lot of brands to make short chain stay bikes and this is reflected in the new bikes the new bikes the Bosch motors the jam bike around 150 will travel so it changes it goes to a 427 millimeter chain stay on both the 29 and 27.5 big banks that’s crazy isn’t it but it’s almost a change in is almost a split philosophy within focus you know what what do they see is that as the optimum is it the short chain state bikes with the Bosch motor or is it the longer chain state bikes with Shimano my taste but yes it depends what you won the bike for you know if you climb in the ability or with this slightly short back-end give a more playful kind of bike as well it’ll be I mean you mentioned manual in yeah it might only loose your time in your back wheel yeah sounds like two totally different bikes there yes so very interesting but it’s not just about focus there’s been a lot of other brands launching bikes this week now comments all have come up with a new kids by Chris I’m sure this interest you yeah I’d look for duty right yeah sure money 7000 motor yeah big battery 24-inch wheels and that cool box of red color as well it does look really good did you see the video I did yeah I mean that kid looks looks like he’s having a lot of fun riding imagine that having a tea bike of that age well you know I’m thinking whether we’re gonna amount in bikes might even miss a generation of riders I mean there might be like young riders who was totally gonna be into EMAP bikes and there’s gonna be older riders who get it as well but maybe that little generation in the middle of 20 some things that might not get it at the minute I’d be missing out maybe the grim backs the comments I’ll 120mph fork up front run sighs 2007 and 99 euros swell the prices get it on the Christmas list be on my boys Christmas list sure yeah but it’s not just the kids bikes Chris comments olive also just introduced two new versions of the incredibly popular matter power bikes first one is twenty seven point five wheels and 170 mph travel on the rear and 180ml travel at the front this bike looks like an absolute shraddha doesn’t it like a downhill plower machine look so you can chuck it anything yeah it’s got a call shock it’s got a new integrated Shimano battery in there cold I think that the the silhouette of the bike really does look everything already amazing you checked out the geometry on it yeah course a half so have bronze – this bike comes in a 29 inch wheel version about 160 ml travel oh how so it’s gonna be a big travel one it’s all that thing would be absolute fly machine but one thing that did catch my eye was I was checking out the new bikes with the Nicolai G box yeah one as well that looks amazing with Z the belt drive belt drive it’s got roll-off 14 speed hub on there I like the way they’re thinking the really progressive company always you know ahead of the game I think it’s slowly taking off all those things that we don’t like about Evite’s currently well I noticed which was really can I got my attention as the fact you don’t need to oil the chain collects the idea of that idea but I think the whole role of thing is really cool that internal 14 speed hub and you know that’s something I’ve been looking at a bit more as well and I think that you know all the associated where and the stuff that we get on cassettes and chains if you get rid of that yeah then you know 100 percent is that is good thinking so it looks like it’s hundred and sixty mill travel and this one of those mullet bikes 29 inch wheels up front and 27.5 in the rear but one of the great things about this bike other sizings right now we talk about size right yeah so we just mentioned the focus bikes a minute ago the size large was 440 mile reach so the nicolai bikes in size small is actually 485 millimeters which is probably the size of a lot of companies XL and it goes up to an XXL which is 555 millimeters crazy now all the comments I’d rather ride it before commenting on it but that is a big big old biker I definitely big forward thinking from the company okay and one final thing he’s got me thinking about you that that that bike also has the new Bosch motor fitted I’m just thinking about how many other brands out there are gonna be coming out with new bikes in the next six months I’ve just put together a list of potential new bikes coming on the market so we’re looking at bergamont Bulls Cannondale cube ghost hide bike KTM Lapierre mondragor mustache or bear Scott and track I bet you there’s gonna be new bikes from all those brands in xx man I can’t wait to see what they bring into the table in terms of tack this week obviously the Rojas roller roller roll off the roll-off hub really does liked like two things what’s the word like ticks all the boxes all the Fox its tell us more about this you obviously you’ve got previous with the old roll-off oh yeah I used one years and years ago I think I like 2008 I actually had it on my slope style bike bedside full gears but a single speed set up so you didn’t have to worry about smashing mechs often things like that OB it was a little bit heavy on the rear end but it was super reliable and I think that technology if we move it to an e-bike that hub in the bag I don’t think it’s gonna be a good balance you need got a low down weight of the motor and the hub weight is where I think it’s been gonna be quite good I’d like to try before I buy on my one that’s a lot of weight in the back wheel true but I mean surely we want our bikes to be light and playful you don’t all that weight in the back the biggest gripe I’m finding is away on the component so I think gearbox will take it away and there’s a Smith the man for a liability but the one we’re all offering working on the e 14 hub which is designed for a bikes as well and it’s compatible with bosch as well so it all works together it’s all electrical shift in you can shift gears and change gears without peddling yeah a real cool feature on this as well it’s like a hill start if you come to Hill you actually stop on the hill or fairly climb this system actually moves automatically into the easiest gear that is cooked to you’re ready to go again rather than like crunching up through the gears which can snap in a chain it’s got you can press the button three times and I’ll jump three gears a time so you can quick shift all the way down like a quick shift it’s a nice feature I just I’m not I like the idea I just don’t like that wake in the back if you look at this guy called Alan meliad who actually made prototype bikes about 10 years ago now he made a single-sided swingarm bike 100 and 150 ml travel with a Shimano nexus hub actually located just above the bottom brackets right and again that did all the things you just talked about you could actually go you could stop stop pedaling you could go through the gears yeah you good at whichever gear you wanted and of course that weight was located in the center of the bikes if they could move it forward so I can master cases Stage IV then I wrote for GT back in 2005-2006 had the GTI t1 downhill bikes you remember that thing now the disc brake on that was just as you mentioned had an ex a hub or next it out like a 70 degree head angle yeah it was free it wasn’t bang on the money geometry the idea was cool is you mentioned it had the gearbox actually above the bottom bracket and the big think it had three chains I could drive chained to the back wheel like fixed and then if you ever want to drive the gearbox if you look at that design and compared to the Alan Miller design which is this one here yeah look how much neater that milliard bike is a single sweated single ass wide a single-sided swing automatically sealed like you have to all the chain or thing like that early yeah relays ahead but reliability yeah hopefully you see some of that I’d like to see that high mounted hub maybe in the frame incorporated and just a single speed maybe to the backward or a low mounted hemp mmm you better listen one more thing and it continues the German theme is the new Madeira mci concept which is the integrated piston but a brake piston in handlebars have you seen this yes the master cylinder basically so you know all the cables are mounted through the handlebars into the frame and run out the back I thought I thought you’d like this because the fact that you could looks like you could potentially spin the handlebars oh yeah no I think it bar spins would be yeah you could yes all right I just see it as a bit too much what do you mean too much it’s not too much it’s actually too little you’ve got a really clean pop you copy laid the handlebar you bleed the brake through the end of the handlebars is yeah master cylinder underneath it grip can I dress you you do stuff like that on motorcycles yeah I know but you just whip in a brake off you know with a hose on it it takes literally two minutes to take a break off of a front brake off a bike but you’ve got a mirror I mean I I’ve got a really beat a real BMI bonneted notice the factor there’s too many cables on mountain bikes surely it’s a step in the right direction possibly but can you imagine only tell you only the only better things can come of it surely I do like to take a bit but I don’t know I think it’s maybe you’re afraid of change but it does seem like a big so maybe I’m afraid change I think I’m afraid to change I just like the idea of a hose simple East quick and easy to repair although the makiura system does have like a quick link you can just snap it together and quick bleed through the end of the bars it could be the one I think only good things will come from this design we’ve got Postgres we’ve got hosts from Pemberton to Steve Jones Oh Chris Smith s squeezer a squeezer so the book magazine Steve and Chris we’ve also got a a bike park market it says Chris EMT bees are allowed in the park but I would not recommend it hanging on emt-b to the hooks use only the Trey lifts I guess this is in reference to the chalice in Whistler Bike Park right yeah I want to go out there deer hidden there yeah I’ve really never ridden the bike bug your wheels don’t come on the ground in it they can come off the ground a little bit kinda yeah I love writing to the bike park and I even yeah look what looks like you’ve got an invite to go to Whistler Chris sounds like it as well it looks like you’ve gotten handed letter there yeah we can stay there as well you up for that Steve absolutely well I can I reckon this your cup of tea wish the bike back I don’t mind doing all the all the remote stuff around there but yeah but while squirrel squeezy thanks very much for giving us some post on the subject of Whistler Bike Park did you see Remi metalli as gap not on an e mountain bike but i know Remi metalia ride z mountain bikes as well go take my hat off to him this this is pretty stable Stephanie yeah [Music] now guys we haven’t got climb of the week this week but we do have crash of the week Chris I recently saw you had a video on bike park skills now these guys are riding a man-made trail and John it seems at bed burry seems to go down very hard and he’s got quite a few dislocations going on this suggestion of a shoulder torn rotator cuff I said clearly not been watching your video what what’s what goes wrong here exactly there’s some lecture it says mate knows it quite good yeah but it looks like he’s can we slow that down it looks to me like a little bit under inflation the tire or overinflation of the tire front washer kind of seems I think his weights quite far back as well as hands and it just or even the rebound possibly is quite fast on the bike and I think he’s landed and the Bucks bounced up again he’s slightly off balance and the front wheel juice but washed out but you know even the world’s best do things like this like I’m Aaron Gwynn’s crash in for William sometime just happens right definitely if you’ve got the right mr. right technique those mistakes and definitely happen maybe should do video how to do the right mistakes a good idea to get it this week it’s not so much get attacked but it’s actually a really cool man cave and this is something I really wanted to be doing at my house actually it’s getting that tall wall actually walls drawn around and spaces you surprised me that I thought you’d have had a I thought you could add this down years ago really yeah have you not got that sir no I’ve got it literally well my boy likes to come in and help himself to talk he talks more around the garden this is what I actually need I think to get I tell you what’s in there that will suit you down the gun looks like this guy spends a lot of time on the toilet judging where that roll-top flapper these tools on there as well he’s got do you know what this one is Steve I’m gonna pick your brain a hammer I have no next to it a small hammer no way to the right Frankie looks like it’s a spark to a riot as a park top chain breaker chain breaker what this one what maybe it’s a tough chain what is it this is straighten the rear derailleur out if you’ve got a bent hanger are you serious yeah you put that in the middle of winder in yeah okay just go to each other tire to make sure what’s Austra are you serious it’s pretty good talk what’s wrong with the old pulling it out extraneous pulling on the Deranian yeah yeah tends not to be that end you know it’s not too reliable that one I feel a how-to coming on how look Polly derailleur straight got compressor in their covers yeah Bosch motors mhm clock allows I say he’s got a tenner Bagram right coming up on the channel this week we’ve got some shooting action going on Friday tell us a bit more over that yeah it’s all Commons shoot mistakes we’re gonna save you from big crash no riding on steep chutes alright save you from all those common mistakes that we see you guys doing so check that one out and on Sunday on Sunday we’ve got a gravel competition gravel competition would you kind of compare gravel race with a GCN in the mountains now this is a unmissable video what is the fastest eman to bike all gravel I can’t wait for that one I didn’t if you’ve noticed but myself and Chris have got someplace splendid new t-shirts on I collect the wine color price this is looking pretty cool as well loads of cool stuff on the shop so go check it out yeah right kicking it off this Russell here he’s got his 2018 track powerful i-5 yeah Fullerton loop in California sun rays coming through I think it’s nice because it’s a bit side on what do you think yeah oh it’s like Drive side I suppose on the bikes and on Drive bit off center back without the frame like that’s not a discussion about drive on long drive so we’ll get Josh arguing with us as well so giving him a knife come on let’s go nice next up Matthew is BMC Trail Fox amp two in o’halleran Hill recreation park near Adelaide South Australia nice nice thanks I see it’s a beautiful buggy I’m sad to say but well a bit trials action here J controversial is they should you actually have a rider on a bike well let’s see folks being I do you like see right and I really like that finished jam square in Michigan USA in like a skinny that log is as well it’s a proper trial section that’s that’s come on it’s gotta be super nice nice nice one nice and Jason nice one in from Matt’s in his Merida II 160 crikey in Tromso backdrop that’s gonna be super nice right it has to be from oh that’s nice yeah Moe 2015 high buck extra all-mountain art in whistler California I mean I’d give you two blasts but we’ve had three super gneisses on the trot I know it shouldn’t have any effect on what we but I cannot Shawn landscape as well without land skill landscape sharp landscape shop and we go nice we’re out of the bike falls down how can you get your photographs into the light bulb I’m use the uploader service the details are on screen now so just be sure to use that and it could be you on next week’s show so that’s it for this week’s p.m. be on show be great to hear your comments on the new Bosch motors and any geometry related features what we talked about in today’s EMB n show in the meantime gonna stay with us and get involved in bigger discussions about the next big thing for a mountain bikes .

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