An Awesome Hybrid – 2020 Trek FX 3 Disc Flat Bar Hybrid, Commuter Bike Feature Review and Weight

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[VidSitePro id=156 ]on this James the bike guy we’re taking a look at the 2020 Trek fx3 disc we’re gonna go over some of the design features use of this bike but of course we’re also gonna find out what it weighs so be sure to hit that subscribe button so that way you can see more videos like this into the future so this is the 2020 Trek FX 3 and it’s the top-of-the-line version of the FX commuter series before they change over to a sport flat bar Fitness bike so what that means is this is gonna be a flat bar hybrid that’s gonna have all the mounts and provisions to be able to run racks and fenders nice wide tires and be incredibly durable for your commuter or fitness goals but still have some of the performance of the more rode bike style FX sport models now this FX 3 is gonna be set up with a beautiful aluminum frame so in fact this is what they call alpha gold’s aluminum and in this bike it’s actually in beige red which I think rage red is a really gorgeous color it also comes in dentist or black if you want something more subtle and along with that aluminum frame you actually get a carbon fiber fork so this is a trek OC LV carbon fork which is going to have through skew up front which is a really nice feature to be able to attach that front wheel makes it really easy and you can be sure that you Center the disc every single time but this carbon fork is of course going to have rack and fender mounts and it’s gonna help smooth out the ride compared to an aluminum floor so it’s a nice gorgeous look on this bike and then the drivetrain is really one of the things that’s going to make the FX 3 different than the others so this is gonna be a 9 speed Shimano Acera drivetrain so it’s gonna run in a Sarah rear derailleur and then it’s gonna have a Shimano HD 211 36 9 speed cassette which is going to operate up front with a Shimano T 3000 front derailleur which is operating a double chain ring on a Shimano MT 210 crank set with a 4630 chain ring combination and of course this nice plastic chain guard you’re gonna have Bontrager satellite pedals which are great for using with flat shoes and have nice reflectivity to them and it’s gonna make for a great drivetrain now for wheels this has Bontrager z’ TLR wheel set so it’s gonna run some formula bc 20 front hubs and DC 22 rear hubs and these are tubeless ready rims now the tires that come on the bike are actually Bontrager z– h to hardcase light so this is a seven hundred by thirty two millimeter tire not tubeless ready but you can always upgrade to that but what’s great is you’ve got tons of tire clearance as you can see here so you could run even wider tires if you wanted to but this 32 millimeter size is going to be a great combination between durability and fast rolling now for a seat post it’s gonna be an aluminum 27 to to bolt seat post and on top of that it’s gonna be bond trackers nebula saddle and up front on the handlebar is where a little more of the magic of this bike comes in and the first is gonna be in these eyesores own satellite grips so the handlebar actually it has a provision in it for this white portion that you can see here which what that is is that’s actually insert called iso zone which allows these handlebars to be even more comfortable now through the cockpit you’re gonna have that a sarah trigger shifters the 2 by 4 the front and then the 9 speed for the rear and it’s gonna be on a 31.8 handlebar and then you’re going to have the awesome Bontrager blender stem which actually allows you to mount your cellphone of bike computer lights all the things like that right onto the stem rather than needing to have things to wrap around in the handlebar the other thing while we’re up here is to take a look at the Shimano MT 201 flat mount hydraulic brakes so these levers have the extended lever which is going to make it nice and easy to get a hold of the brakes and then you’ll see it’s a flat mount caliper mounted onto the fork so overall I think this is a really neat bike I mean the color is amazing on this one it’s a really great bike for doing commuting fitness rides and is an awesome upgrade from the FX 2 so now that we’ve taken a look at the features let’s go ahead and find out what it weighs the actual weight of the FX 3 disc in a size small is twenty five point three five pounds thanks for watching this James the bike guy on the 2020 Trek FX three disc go ahead and let me know your thoughts down in the comment section below .

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