All New 2020 Cannondale Moterra First Look

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[VidSitePro id=111 ]It seems a new era in E-mountain bikes is very much a promise. Fresh new motors and one in particular, the new one from Bosch. The one bike that uses that motor is the new Moterra. And Cannondale says that that bike is livelier and punchier than ever before. I’m just wondering how lively an E-mountain bike can be. But today then I’m hoping to find out just that. I’m joined by a rider, who if you don’t already know,
has pretty much done it all. World Cup Champion,
World Downhill Champion, the guy then that clearly
knows what he’s doing and does not hang about. Josh Bryceland. (plane engine roars) But today I heard Josh is here in Freiburg in the Black Forest riding the all new Moterra E-mountain bike. Which I guess is partly his reason why Cannondale have invited us here, to the bottom left corner of Germany. On the border between
France and Switzerland. To see Josh Bryceland hit the button. (upbeat pop music plays) (electric sound effect plays) Now I’ve heard that Bryceland is hanging out in these woods. But I doubt that it’s here. That track is way too technical for him. (Josh Bryceland yells) Hold on right, there’s his bike. Oh, jeez. (both men laugh) How are you? – How are you? – I heard you’ve gone feral, but that’s a bit different. – Hey, come on, I’m not on
the World Cup team anymore. You got to do what you got to do. – Hey, there’s good
grip there, isn’t there? – Well, if there’s a man our size, mate. Good thing I got you
from the side, isn’t it? – Wow, I don’t get a big many ambassadors but I guess that’s what
you are now, right? (both men laugh) – I reckon I must be. Fun ambassador, mate. – Okay, don’t be funny,
but that front of your bike looks suspiciously like a downhill fork. I haven’t seen you on
one of them many times in the last three years. – No, it is few and
far between these days. I got on a rig with some triple clamps, but I think trying to keep up with you, and E-bike expert I’m going to need it to get me out of trouble, aren’t I? – King size talk. (upbeat pop music plays) (speaks foreign language) (exhales loudly) – [Josh] Ah! Bullseye, right! I’d like to tell you something, (bleep) I don’t ever mean (bleep) mountain bike (bleep), so there’s that. You got to like pedal through it to keep your boost. (mumbles) – Oh this looks a bit trick. What do you reckon Josh? I reckon up the outside here. – Yeah, well I’ll be honest when I
seen you practicing, mate. This one does look quite technical. – Which way your going
to go, yours or my way? Straight line, that’s
your style, isn’t it? – It is, it is. – Heads or tails? – Tails. – Tails it is. – Tails it is, I’m a rat aren’t I. It’s got to be tails. – Josh Bryceland inside line. It’s been a while, it’s been a while. (bike screetches) – Oh jeez That makes it difficult already. – Okay! – (bleep) I didn’t know
it was a turning go. (man laughs) That was one mark for me. Wooh, okay. Too much power for me own good here. – Pressure’s on. God it’s been a while since
we raced together – Maybe a day, probably more. – More like 1999, and I
think it was Val Di Sole. That was your last race. – Yeah but you weren’t racing. – I was? Week before, Masters Worlds. See you later. (talking over each other) – Can’t argue that, can you? Aw, man. – Yeah! – Woo hoo! I had to just do it. I had to. (pop music plays) – That looked fast,
controlled, and bloody flat out. – Well you’re making me blush, Steve. No, I like to theorize, it’s like the speed is so different. Like, I’d hit that jump
way slower on my habit. And like, pop, style, it just feels. But on these you’ve got
to carry that momentum to get them to behave
a bit more, its like. – That looked World Cup pace to me. That was fast, right? Josh two? Josh one . or Josh two? Sorry. It looked fast. – Downhill tyres,
with the triple clamps, it’s got a good feel, that bike. (upbeat music plays) – Are you feeling the
rhythm of this Moterra? Especially the S-E. – Riddim. Loving it, really mate, it’s
got the rhythm for sure. – You seem to be pretty
comfortable on the jumps there. – Yeah, it’s more like jumping a crosser. Honestly, I keep comparing
it to the crosser, but the weight is just like stable. Do a little bit of a dance,
my whips are no where near as sideways as the mountain bike, but it can sort of hang
off it and it’s bouncy. – But with time, I mean, listen, you’ve been on the bike
now for like half a day. After six months, that’s
going to change, right? – You know, I reckon. I reckon. (upbeat music plays) – So I’ve taken a few moments from Josh, how shall we say warming up? Have a look at this all new Moterra. Because it really is all new. It’s been a long time
since they’ve launched their first bike, which
was 130 mil or 160 mil in the long travel version. It really was a fun, lively bike to ride. Then of course, last
year they came up with a new Moterra Neo. Not that there’s much wrong
with the current Moterra, the geometry is very up to date. Such things as a 357
mil reach in size large. 344 mil bottom rack which
makes it great in cornering. And of course, the chain
stay of 457 millimeters. But it was the motor, the Bosch motor, which really has become
a little bit longer. Bigger, heavier than the contemporaries. Plus it causes that
resistance past 25 kilometers. It’s a motor that’s been
around for a lot of years. This new bike though is
different in so many ways. No more so than in the
travel, the geometry, and the materials. And of course, that Bosch
fourth generation motor. And such things as the
components of this bike really is up for anything. Now the Moterra comes in
four different models, starting off with the one, two, and three. 160 mil travel front and
rear, as you can see, with a single crown fork here. A come five front triangle
and an allow swinging arm. – Don’t forget the S-E
edition I’m riding today. It comes at 180 mil front just for keeping it extremely burly. And same as 160 rear. – But that ain’t a stock bike, Bryceland. – No, put a few of my own parts on to make it feel like my own, you know. Now quickly look in the componentry. The stock version of Bryceland’s bike actually comes with Maxxis Assegai tires on that S-E version. And of course, with SRAM Eagle
11-50 cassette on the back. Like I said, this bike
really does have some big intentions when it
comes to componentry. The Moterra one, two, three comes with a Maxxis Minion DHF up front and a Minion DHR in the rear. The one, two, three, it also
comes with Magura brakes whereas the S-E comes with the SRAM code. 220 mm rotors upfront
and a 200 mm on the rear. But we’ll talk about that
a little bit later on. In terms of dropper posts,
Cannondale have their own down low dropper on the
one, two, and the S-E. Either the 100 mil or the
120 mil or 150 millimeter depending on the size. Geometry of course is vitally important, especially for the likes of Bryceland who are charging at insane speeds. Now what Cannondale have
tried to do with the Moterra is get a good balance between the front center and the
rear center of the bike. Which Cannondale say is
good climbing and descending on the bike, and great
stability at high speeds. Now part of the stability
comes from the fact that Cannondale have lengthened
this Moterra this year. It’s up from 1215 mm up to 1247. Which means it’s going to be
really stable at high speeds. Remember as well, that
that chainstay is now 450, which is fractionally shorter
than what it was last year. But it’s not just about the geometry, it’s about the sizing as well. There’s a great range here for everybody. From small to extra large. And the reach numbers
are 430 for the small, to 495 for the extra large. Now in terms of power, but
it’s still 75 newtonmeters. But a big change is actually
that large chain ring, which is going to effect it’s performance, especially muddy conditions. And in terms of battery,
there’s two batteries. Depending on what model you go for, but the one, the two, and the S-E come with a 625 watt-hour battery. Which is going to mean
a huge range for this Cannondale E-mountain bike. So how does the motor feel like? Well Cannondale say, it’s
a much punchier motor with a much more natural feel to it. Now, the eagle eye amongst
you might’ve noticed that larger diameter, 220
mm disc on this bike. Right, Josh? – You could eat your
dinner off that (bleep). Couldn’t you Jeremy? – Anyway, back to the disc. This disc has been made by Magura in collaboration with Cannondale, correct? Now, this takes on more heat, and it also dissipates more heat. Cannondale say these
all run better braking performance on the bike. It’s got an aluminum inner disc to it. And of course, a steel outter. Looking at the displays and
switches on the Moterra bikes. The two, the three, and
the S-E models come with integrated switch and
display Purion system located on the left hand
side of the handlebar. However, the top of the
range one model comes with a Kiox. Now, the Kiox is super neat and is located in the center of the
handlebar with a switch assist button on the
left hand side, there. Just going to show you how it goes from eco up to tour, eMTB, and into turbo mode. So now in eco mode. Up into tour. Into eMTB. And then, into boost. You can see how neat and easy to read the speed or the time
and the battery range is on this system. Oh, forgot to mention,
there’s actually an integral light on this bike. Which has got a really
neat little switch button on the right hand side there. And of course, you’ve got the Kiox and if you don’t want the
Kiox, you can just take it off, and put it somewhere else. We mentioned earlier while
we were sliding around in the wet woods with Josh Bryceland, how Cannondale say that
the new Bosch motor on this is livelier and
punchier than before. And I guess part of that’s
going to be the software that Bosch developed to help
this bike get up such things as those really technical climbs. But there could be
another side to the story. Why this bike is actually
more livelier like they say. And that could be
because the assist levels have gone up quite a bit
in the different motors. For example, in eco, it’s
gone up from 50 to 60 percent. In tour, at 120 to 140. And then in turbo, from 300% to 340%. So taking the 625 watt-hour battery out is really simple, you simply
move that release button take the cover off, turn
the key, and out she comes. Boom. It’s a confusing time for wheel sizes on E-mountain bikes. Some brands go for 27.5, others go for 29. And there are some that go for 29 front and 27.5 rear. Cannondale have stuck
to their guns and they keep the Moterra the same
as they do on the other endure bikes by having 29 front and rear. The rims on this bike are Stanz alloy which is a really nice touch. When it comes to the weight on this bike, obviously that’s going to be
effected both by the battery and of course the fact
that this new Bosch motor it made out of magnesium
comes in at 2.9 kilograms. The weight on the Moterra
one is 23.28 kilograms, and the Moterra S-E is 24. Remember those bikes have got
the 625 watt-hour battery. If you go for the three
version, that comes in slightly lighter and remember,
it’s got a 500 watt-hour battery on that bike. So the Moterra and Josh Bryceland. The next in line of
Cannondale bikes and riders. And there have been many over the years. The likes of Anne-Caroline Chausson, the most successful World
Cup downhill racer ever. Missy Giove, Brian Lopes, Cedric Gracia. And of course all those
innovative products, such as headshock, hologram,
leftie, and the fulcrum. Who could forget the
fulcrum downhill bike. You know what, I can’t help but think where the future of
Cannondale E-mountain bikes lies, I think the answer
to that might well lie with Josh Bryceland. So there it is, the all new
Moterra, the new Bosch motor. If you have any comments
or questions on this bike, let us know in the comments box below. In the meantime, if you
want to see what these are really capable of, check
on the video me and Chris did on the rock in North Wales. And for something more riding orientated, about flow, with former
World Champion Fabian Relle.

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