26 inch folding electric mountain bike bicycle off-road ebike Electric bicycle electric bike ebike electric bicycle electric

Color: White-one wheel 350W Black-one wheel 350W White -350W Black-350W
List price: US $1,099.00
Price: US $1,099.00

Item Specifics

Brand Name:
Sheng milo
251 - 350w
Power Supply:
Lithium Battery
Rated Passenger Capacity:
Two Seat
Wheel Size:
Max Speed:
Range per Power:
31 - 60 km
Frame Material:
Aluminum Alloy
Luxury Type
Model Number:

Product Description

Expert Review

Review by: Caddy S.
In the first place, I believe that the thing is well manufactured. Right now it’s hard to obtain something of this quality for the given price. The material is good and strong so the stuff can serve you long enough. I regard it as very significant in such things. In the internet, you often see lots of products for a considerable price but the quality quite often turns out to be not so good. From this perspective, there’s not much sense judging about the quality of the product based on its price.

I was also happy that the the item is fairly comfortable. For me, this characteristics is one of the first things I take into account. I once happened to buy something that seemed fine but what turned out to be too inconvenient to use.

Some also take note of the appearance of the thing. I figure, the given merchandise looks quite pretty though that is to my taste.

When compared to other similar things I saw elsewhere, I can say this one is the best. Its price-quality trade-off is quite good. This quality is undoubtedly worth the price. I don’t like to pay over the odds when there’s something of equal quality for lower price.

At conclusion, I can tell the product is for certain worth paying for. I’m glad I found it and obtained it.
Overall Rating
Review Summary

The merch is a no doubt worth the money. Its quality together with its cost makes this merch a fine purchase.

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Customer reviews

  • N***m
    Verified buyer

    Super Bike. AM much in gel? locking go. Easy Super!

    Verified buyer

    Thank you for quickly providing the best product.

    Verified buyer

    The seller always answers my e mails right away. He sent me a user manually by e mail. was very useful. The box was damaged in transit but the bike was well wrapped so there was no damage. A piece of plastic broke into the saddle during transit. but the seller is sending a replacement that is much appreciated. All in all. I would recommend both this bike and the sellers

    Verified buyer

    I love this bike, everywhere I go it attracts attention. Can achieve the published distance on a single charge, I use the bike as I want too, so distance reduced, but fun factor

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