2020 Top 10 Best Value All Mountain Bikes Buyers Guide

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[VidSitePro id=174 ]Hey guys Liam from Kids bikes shop Talk here and today we’re continuing our buyer’s guide with my top 10 all-mountain / mid travel trail bikes for 2020 so if you haven’t already subscribed to the channel we do mountain bike buyers guides reviews as well as vlogs based in Australia so before we start looking at which bikes I recommend let’s start with defining what an all-mountain bike is so for me it’s a bike that has around 130 to 150 millimeters of travel it’s a bike that prioritizes descending / climbing however is still relatively an all-rounder it’s more of a descenders trail bike and as I said it’s still versatile enough to have fun and more undulating terrain and it still kind of retains that poppy nature of a shorter travel bike so if you prefer a bike that balances descending with climbing I definitely recommend checking out my shorter travel trail bike buyer’s guide for this year I’ll put the link in a description for that one and that’s gonna be a bit more of an all-rounder as opposed to these bikes which definitely do prioritize descending a little bit so for me this is my favorite kind of genre bike I do prefer sayings still efficient but I do definitely prioritize descending and for most kind of intermediate riders the do prefer descending I definitely recommend these bikes because with enduro bikes you do definitely lose a bit of that fun factor and these bikes getting really capable so you don’t really need that extra travel unless you live next to a bike park I really wouldn’t recommend going any more trouble than these kind of bikes unless you are starting to hit some decent drops as well as some really rough terrain at really high speeds so fill this buyer’s guide all prices will be in Australian dollars so if you aren’t familiar one u.s. dollar equals one point five Australian dollars and one British pound equals one point eight Australian dollars so in your markets these prices will be a little bit different based on the conversion and as well some bikes in certain countries will be a little bit cheaper as well so in my short travel trail bike buyer’s guide I had some bikes in the 1,000 to 2,000 Australian dollar price category so that’s kind of lower 1000s for most of your kind of British as well as US markets over in the more mountain category that kind of started around about that 2000 or just below $2,000 price category so again we’ve got to focus on those and we’re going to go from 2,000 to 4,000 dollars send this may seem like a lot for some people but if you do want a no amount of like that’s gonna last you definitely gonna have to spend just over two thousand dollars to get that okay so let’s get into the bikes so the first black I’m gonna recommend going from cheapest to most expensive is the polygon Siskiyou t7 so having written this bike a little bit the first word that comes to my mind is fun this is just a really fun bike and a really great price point so if you are looking for your first and real serious dual suspension or mountain bike this is definitely one that I would recommend so the t7 comes in a recommended retail price of two thousand three hundred and ninety nine Australian dollars but it’s sold direct through bicycles online in Australia as well as the US for two thousand and ninety nine dollars so it’s really affordable and a few years ago you would have been called crazy if you’re gonna get a proper one trail bike with three axles as well as the dropper post for two thousand and ninety nine dollars that’s crazy so the t7 comes with size-specific wheel slices so in a small and medium you’re getting twenty seven point five inch wheels and the medium through to extra-large you’re getting twenty nine errs so in the 29er you’re getting a hundred and forty millimeters of travel and then in the twenty seven point five you’re getting a hundred and fifty millimeters of travel so looking at the spec you get a RockShox recon up front as well as an extrusion rear shock with a lock out as well as rebound adjustment you also get a tubeless ready wheel set with tables ready tires and you get the bulletproof Shimano Deore one by ten drivetrain and with that you’re also getting hydraulic Shimano brakes and lastly you get a thoroughly modern cockpit 780 millimetres bars to keep your confidence high in the descents so that geometry isn’t too radical but it provides a well-balanced package from one trail bike you’ve got a 400 millimeter reach on the size Lodge so nothing too crazy but as I said keeps it nice and balanced and then you go decently slick head angle at sixty six point five degrees and that’s on the 29 s and then on the twenty seven point five you getting a 66 degree head angle so a little bit slacker the seat angles 74 degrees and then the chain stays a 435 on the size large in the 29er as well having ridden the t7 it’s got a nice firm suspension so it’s nice and efficient and because the geometry is not too radical it makes it a really versatile bike but the bike doesn’t let you download a sense at all it’s still got a sixty six point five degree heading and because it’s done a nice progressive rear suspension when the big hits come it definitely supports you really well so it’s a really great bike for a wide range of applications so the t7 is probably the best value true all-mountain bike that I definitely recommend it’s an awesome package and it’s really going to suit someone that’s looking for a trail bike with a little bit more forgiveness so the next bucket list is one for more of a UK viewers however with import tax in GST it’s still relatively well priced for Australia and that’s the Vitis mythic VRS so once you factor in GST and import tax you’re looking at around two thousand nine hundred Australian dollars for the mythic so the mythic is a brand new frame for this year and it adds a budget option to vitus’s already great value range of bikes the VRS comes in both twenty seven point five and twenty nine inch and that’s for all sizes and it’s got a hundred and forty millimeters of rear as well as front travel so looking at the geometry the reach is slightly longer than twenty seven point five inch bikes however when you factor in the tour stack on the twenty nine I think the geometry and reach would feel pretty similar on the bikes so for me personally I probably recommend the 29er for this application so we’re going to look at the geometry of the size large 29er so looking at the seat angle you’ve got a seventy five point six degrees C at angles so nice and steep you’ve got a four hundred and sixty two millimeter reach and then you’ve got longer four hundred and forty five millimeter chainstays as well as a slack sixty six degree head angle so a really impressive geometry package for the money so what’s even better than the geometry is the spec that you get for the money so you get the impressive x-fusion sweep fork up front and that’s mixed with the x-fusion a2 rear shock and that comes with rebound as well as a lock out you also get a hundred and fifty millimeter Brand X dropper on the size Lodge and then you also get Shimano MT 401 hydraulic brakes as well as the SRAM SX Eagle drivetrain so where I’m really impressed for the spec for the money is you get awesome tires so you get the soft compound Schwalbe snakeskin magic marries up front and then you’ve got the same compound hand stamped tires in the rear so really really good tires and then also matched with tribbles rating rims which 230 millimeter internal width so an awesome package there rounding up the spec package you get Vitus as well as need for finishing care so the nuclear stuffs always awesome to see and then you’ve got decently wide bars with a 45 millimeter stem another good thing to see is the bar width is depending on the size so you’re getting wider bars as you go up the sizes so if you’re a small rider you’re not gonna have 800 millimeter bars so that’s good to see so looking at the Vitis it’s a great all-around package the only downfall I can see is visually looking at the frame some of the hardware around the pivot doesn’t look as nice as kind of other bikes in this price point however that’s all speculative I haven’t ridden the bike and haven’t seen it in person it was just kind of what I saw in the images so it’s something to keep an eye on if you’re looking at this bike so the next bikes a bit of a repeat from one earlier in the list and that’s the polygon ciske ut8 so the upgraded version of the t7 so the t8 retails for 3209 nine dollars but it’s solid at two thousand nine hundred ninety nine dollars again that’s at bicycles online so what you get for the extra cash compared to the t7 you get an 11 speed drivetrain and that’s a mixed match of X ans legs with a 46 tooth cassette you’re also getting upgraded brakes again the Shimano m61 5 brakes they’re awesome brakes but the main improvement that you’re going to get is with a suspension so you getting the rock shocks revelation up front as well as the rock shocks rt3 deluxe rear shock so that’s an awesome shock to see at this price point so the main benefits you’re going to see with suspension you’ve got the stiffer fork up front so the revelations got 35 millimeter stanchions so nice and one that’s going to make the bike track a little bit better in the rough but the main thing you’re going to notice compared to the t7 the shock as well as the gonna be a bit more sensitive so it’s going to be a bit more supple at the beginning of the stroke which complements the suspension really well but it’s still going to have that nice supportive nature that I really liked about the t7 okay so now it’s something a bit different and that’s the Morita one 4600 so if you followed my buyers go for the short travel bikes you’d know how much I loved the Marita 120 it’s an awesome bike and I also reviewed that as well it’s nice and poppy really efficient and I really like the way that the float link suspension works what’s good about the 140 the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree so the 140 retains a lot of what I liked about the 120 just in a package with a little bit more forgiveness so before you leave a comment I know a few of you would have noticed that include the 140 400 so there’s actually 148 cheaper price point however it doesn’t come with tube or any rims and that’s kind of a deal-breaker for me having a treeless wheel set on these bikes is definitely something that you really need traction puncture protection and to upgrade to a treeless wheel sets a bit of an investment so it’s definitely good that a lot of these cheaper bikes already on this list had to bus ready wheels as well as rims so that’s kind of a deal-breaker for me on the 400 however the 600 does have a treatable street wheel set as well as a really impressive spec package so let’s take a closer look at the specs so you get a rough shock sector up front with a hundred and fifty millimeters of travel and then you’ve got a rock shock select plus taken care of the 140 millimeters of rear suspension so that’s got rebound adjustment as well as a lockout you also get the reliable Shimano MT 501 brakes I really like these brakes and in the future you can just upgrade them to the m5 20 calipers and you get a nice solid for pot setup you also get an NX Eagle drivetrain as well as those twenty nine millimeter internal tubeless rims as I said Cheadle’s already rims and then you’ve got some awesome tires too so you go to 2.6 thr three C in the max terror and then in the rear you’ve got a 2.6 recon in the dual compound so nice and fast rolling there too however one downside you only get a 125 millimeter droplet so it would be nice to see a longer dropper on this bike a lot of the cheap black side 150 so a bit of a letdown there so on the G R front it’s almost identical to the 120 however you get a slack ahead angle so sixty six point three degrees in a size large you’ve got a more conventional reach so 455 millimeters and then you’ve got a 75 degree seat angle as well as 435 chainstays so as you can see the 140 is an awesome bike for the money you get really great spec however riding them back-to-back with a 120 I didn’t necessarily feel like there was a lot more that you were getting with the 140 140 over the 120 I fell like the 120 was just this capable on this 29 inch wheel is just rolled over things a little bit better than the 27.5 inch wheels so it just begs the question if Morita had a 140 millimeter travel 29er how good with that bike be so kaede-san if they do that in the future but the 140 is still a great bike and if you do prefer 27.5 inch wheels then it’s a great bike to look at so the next box is super pop I know a few people left some comments in my short travel trail bike riders wasn’t included was getting to it but it’s more of an all-mountain black and it’s almost pushing towards injury categories now because it has 150 millimeters of rear suspension and 160 millimeters up front and that’s the canyon spectral al 5.1 so looking at the spec of this bike it’s pretty damn crazy what you get for the money canyon being and direct-to-consumer brand they can offer a really good spec for the money and you’re definitely seeing that here is no exception and also Canyon listened to their customers feedback from last year’s model and made some key spec changes so at this price the suspension package is really unparalleled you’re getting 160 millimeter Pike up front and then you’re getting a super deluxe select Plus in the rear so that’s an awesome shock to see at this price point you definitely see that shock on bikes that costs almost six seven thousand dollars so that’s awesome to see you also get really good rims too so you getting Race Face arc 30 rims and then you’re also getting a max grip 2.5 DHI up front so that’s really showing the intentions of what this bike are it’s intends to be pushed really hard that’s a pretty slow rolling tire how it’s going to give you a lot a lot of grip so it’s good to see on this bike if you are going to be pushing it you’re also getting a hotspring dropout with 150 miles that drop on the size lodge one downside you’re getting got tip brakes personally I’m not a fan of them be do you get a 200 millimeter rotor so it’s definitely going to stop you a bit better then say something with a smaller rotor and then you’ve got a nice short stem with white bars as well one thing to note is that the geometry is a bit more conventional than what the suspension travel indicates you do get a nice 66 degree head angle however the reach is relatively short of 460 millimeters in the size Lodge but the stack is pretty high on this bike so it would be a pretty roomy 460 millimeters the seat angle is not too steep either at seventy four point five degrees however field canyon kind of went for a more conventional approach to broaden the bikes horizon compared to the more enduro strive that they have so we’ll be doing more broad applications in first raelia we don’t have a lot of super high speed trails so something that slightly shorter does work a bit better in our conditions so the spectral is probably the least trail bike on this list in terms of travel numbers so as I said the spectral is not an overly long bike so it’s definitely going to excel in more technical slower speed conditions as opposed to really fast speed descents but this does mean it’s gonna help you on bigger hits like jumps and drops so it’s good to see but as I said it is gonna be a bit of a sacrifice as kind of a bit more pedaling efficiency in pop unis however if you are riding trails that are a bit more pedal e or you want something a bit more poppy then you could just run less sag as well so that’s something you could do – so the next block is another one that’s new for 2020 and it’s a bike that a few people questioned why it wasn’t on my shorter travel bike buyer’s guide patience I was getting to it and that’s the trek fuel x7 and I know a few people are going to question why the x5 isn’t on this list as well and there’s one main reason for that so try tune the new suspension on the fuel to be pretty active so it’s gonna work really well with a shock that has three positions so it’s got an open and mid mode as well as a lockout and the x5 only has a shock that has that open as well as lockout mode so the x7 has a shock that as I said it’s got the three positions and when you’re descending down more loose technical terrain leaving an open position and you’re going to have that nice magic carpet ride plenty of traction there however when you’re all more pedaling flowy trails I definitely recommend putting this bike in the mid position and that’s gonna may firm up the suspension a little bit give you a bit more of a platform to push against and that will broaden the applications of this bike so it’s gonna really work well in flowy trails as well as more technical trails as well so it just broadens the application of this bike so for a major brand the spec is pretty good for the money so you get the brand new for 2020 RockShox 35 gold upfront and that’s got a hundred and forty millimeters of travel so this fork has the older motion control damper and it’s got the new impressive debonair spring so it’s gonna work really well and as I said in the rear you’ve got the Fox TPS rear shocks as I said there’s three positions and that’s controlling the 130 millimetres of rear travel in terms of braking you get the Shimano MT 401 brakes so not the best brakes at this price point but they still will do the job well I really like Shimano brakes and then you’ve also got the NX Eagle 12 speed drivetrain a big plus is a good wheel set on tires so you get the line comp 30 millimeter internal rims and they’ve wrapped in team issue XR four tires so I really like the XR fours and they’ve got a 2.6 width so really nice I really like this sighs as I said however the one downside you’re only getting 130 millimeter dropper it’s kind of a must to have a hundred and fifty millimeter drop around a lot these blacks these days so it’s definitely not as good to see a wandering theory at this price point so the Geo is pretty good too so the Geo is pretty good too you also get a flip chip so that’s something that we haven’t seen so far on this list and that adds to the bikes versatility so looking at the G on a size large in the high position you’ve got a four hundred and seventy five millimeter reach so nice and roomy a seventy five point five degree C dangle and a sixty six point five head angle and then in the low position you’ve got a four hundred seventy millimeter reach 75 degree C angle and sixty six head angle and the chain says are a nice versatile number at 435 or 437 depending on which flip chip position you’re in so overall I think the track is a really good bike for the money and it’s definitely going to really excel in a lot of Australian conditions and it also excels in really loose rocky terrain so if you’ve got more slower technical loose rocky stuff I feel like the fuel is gonna serve you very well and if you live in Australia and you’ve also got private health insurance with Bupa you get a 15% discount of recommended retail price so that’s pretty good discount on these bikes so on to the next bike it’s another repaint and that’s the marina 147 hundred and the spec on this bike is absolutely crazy for the money so the 140 700 is definitely going to sue someone that’s die hard on 27.5 inch wheels and would potentially look at a frame so up in the future because the spec is that great on this bike so you get the so you get the new S selects 12 speed drivetrain as well as s likes for pots this new stuffs amazing and it’s definitely worth getting in terms of the suspension you’re getting the revelation RC fork and that’s got the shorter 37 millimeter offset as well as the rock shocks to lock select plus in the rear so as I said you’re getting absolutely awesome spec for the money with the 700 and if you can afford it over the 600 model I definitely recommend it so the next box another new on for 2020 and that’s the new proof reactor comp so if you live in Australia your best bets getting it from off the brakes and they’ll be available in December and they’re at a recommended retail price of three thousand nine hundred and ninety nine dollars however if you live in the UK definitely chain reaction is going to be a best bet and there’s going to be best value for money so the reactor comes in both 29-inch as well as 27.5 inch wheels and the 29 has a hundred and thirty millimeters of rear travel and the 27.5 has a hundred and forty millimeters of rear travel so looking at the spec of the bite starting with the suspension you get the super deluxe eye and the rear so no lockout having you are getting a piggyback shock so that’s awesome to see then up front and you’ve got the rock shocks revelation and that comes with ten millimeters of extra travel compared to the rear looking at the drivetrain you’ve got SX Eagle as well as guide T brakes again not my favorite brakes but they’ll do the job so real spec highlight is the ties that you get on the bike so you get an assegai EXO plus three c-max Terra and then the Ryu Vaughn a thr XA + Mac cetera as well so it definitely really sets the priorities of this bike it’s going to be a really good descender you also get a good dropper – so you get size specific drops but they’re nice long drops on this bike so you got the RockShox reverb with a 1 by lever and then on the size large you’ve got 175 millimeter drop so that’s awesome to see and as always with Nick proof bikes you also get the cool new crew finishing kit so that’s awesome to see so the T is pretty dialed – and like the trek you get a flip chip set in the high setting you’ve got a 66 degree head angle 75 point five degrees seat angle and then in the low position you’ve got a sixty five point five degree head angle and 75 seat angle and the reach is nice and long – at 480 millimeters on the slides Lodge so that’s awesome to see and the chainstays are nice and bounce with this so you’ve got a nice long reach the chain stays aren’t too short you’ve got four hundred and forty millimeters chain stays there so that’s nice and balanced on this bike so this bike really is built for shredding the descents so if you’re a rider that definitely prefers that a sense over the climbs then this is the bike for you so I finally getting towards the end of the list and we’re getting toward some pretty decent money here so this is month really the enthusiasts are looking to kind of get that best bang for buck and the first bike is the common sell met at ER tried so having written and reviewed a few of the Colin sales they’re definitely beastie bullet proof bikes and they loved in a sense so if that’s your priority and you liked it rough then these are the bikes for you so the specs pretty decent for the money so you getting a hundred and fifty millimeter revelation I’ll say up front and then you’ve got to select Plus deluxe rear shock managing 100 thirty millimeters of rear travel you get an NX Eagle drivetrain with GX Eagle crank so it’s good to see you got some lighter cranks on there and then you’ve got a good set of 813 wheels and they’re wrapped in some really good tires so you’ve got a magic marry up front and a hand stamp in the rear both in the soft compound you also get a cast 150 millimeter drop around the size lodge too so that’s good to see one downside in the spec you get SRAM level teen brakes which I’d change straightaway this black is going to want you to go fast and you want some decent rates to pull you up so the Giro is pretty dialed it’s probably my favorite on this list so in the sly slides you got a 76 degrees C dengle 66.5 degree head angle and then nice ring II four hundred and seventy five millimeter reach with decently short / moderate 434 millimeter chain stays so other than the brakes it was my money the two bikes that I probably picked from is the common sell meta or the new proof reactor toss-up between those two and they probably be my two favourite as I said okay so we’re finally at the end of the list this one’s a bit more for our UK viewers again however with import tax it’s still relatively good value for Australians so if you’re on the UK definitely take advantage of this bike and that’s the Venus escape VR so the escape is the burlier brother of the mythic coming in both 27.5 and 29 inch wheels so it’s good to give you the option there again all sizes in both wheel sizes so looking at the 29er because that’s generally my pick the Geo is definitely built for more high speed stability so you’ve got decently long chain stays at 450 millimeters and a 66.5 degree head angle so it also has a 75 degree seat angle and the reach nothing too crazy but still roomy and that’s 467 millimeters on the slides Lodge so the scope really demands bigger terrain than most of the bikes on this list wants high speeds and that’s reflected in the specs so you get 150 millimetre RockShox Larrick up front so a really stiff fork and fork the typically see on enduro bikes and then you’ve got 140 millimeters of rear travel and this aggressive nature of the bikes also reflected in the tight race – so you get an assegai as well as at DHR and they both come in the Mac steric compound and then you’ve also got a 200 millimeter right up front like a feel with all the bikes in this list it’s let down by its brakes a little bit so you do have got ease although that 200 elmerita will give you enough power but I definitely prefer having some different brakes on here then looking at the rest of the spec you get a hundred and fifty millimeter Brand X drop-offs a decent drop there an X Eagle drivetrain as well as nuke proof finishing kits so liking all the Vedas and your pre-flight so you’re getting decent finishing kit on it too and there you go we’re done those are my top ten best all Mountain slash mid travel trail bikes for this year so some awesome bikes for the money that you’re going to be getting this year so definitely check all these bikes out if you’re looking for a great value package for a new bike so as I said earlier the prices will vary depending on which market you’re in and Australian dollars it’s going to seem a little bit more expensive compared to where you are in the world especially if you’re in Europe or America it’s gonna seem a bit more expensive but if there’s definitely any bikes that you feel like I’ve missed out definitely leave a comment below and I’ll put in the pin comments I will also have my enduro bike buyers guy coming soon so a few more longer travel bikes for the people that want to push their riding a bit more.

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