2020 Specialized Stumpjumper Evo Review

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[VidSitePro id=93 ]longer lower and slacker the Evo’s the rowdy sibling of the Stumpjumper family while a suspension travel numbers are exactly the same as the regular stomach jumpers the geometry and components of the Evo skewed towards the extreme the Stumpjumper Evo is one of the few trail bikes that really pushes the boundaries of modern MTB geometry the 63 and a half degree head angle is the same as the demo eight downhill bike combined with a low bottom bracket height and long reach the Evo is very confident on steep gnarly trails while the Evo won’t be the quickest bike up the hill the steep seat tube angle and long front end give the bike a steady competent feel on the climbs there are two frame options one is full carbon the other one is aluminium alloy both have the same geometry in keeping with its rowdy ambitions Stumpjumper Evo’s are fitted with harder-hitting suspension shocks and their siblings the Fox 36 is about as stiff as a single chrome fork gets while the piggyback dhx and DPX shocks are great for long rough descents this makes them perfect for the Evo the 22 7.5 stampy Evo has a 150 ml rear wheel travel while a 29 has a hundred and 40 mil both bikes have 150 mil travel fork like the suspension the components on the stumpy IVA are great for hard riding without being flashy the four piston SRAM code brakes are combined with 200 mil rotors front and rear on all bikes to give udh levels of stopping power the SRAM Eagle 12 speed drivetrain gives you plenty of gear options to get you back to the top of the hill the cockpit is well set out you get plenty of drop on the seat post for riding the steep you can choose between 27.5 and 29 inch wheels with a Stumpjumper Evo both versions feature rovol Traverse wheels with topless rims he’ll have a 30 mil internal diameter great for running lower tire pressures matching the frame the pro bikes have carbon rims while the cops get alloy you get two point six inch specialized butcher tubeless tires on both wheel sizes please give you plenty of grip on challenging terrain the Stumpjumper Evo pushes the limits of trail bike possibilities the longer reach slack ahead angle and lower bottom bracket height make this bike supremely confident when they’re going at steep and rough for most riders the more rounded trail bike performance the regular stumped jumpers will be ideal but if you live for steep hand-cut trails and long gnarly descents the Evo could be the perfect bike for you.

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