2020 Specialized Roubaix | Cobble Comfort Goes Aero, Equals Tarmac

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[VidSitePro id=86 ]today we’re taking a first look at specialized new s-works Roubaix now this bike comes three years after the last Roubaix which was the first bike to feature their revolutionary Future Shop the future truck has been reworked for this bike but it’s interesting to just to think why they went down the route of putting effectively suspension on a road bike the idea behind it because this was a bike built for the cobbles built from rough surfaces is that they wanted to isolate the rider from the forces that are acting on the axles so it don’t think of it like a traditional mountain bike where you’re suspended bike and rider this is all about just suspending the rider itself that means they can still concentrate on making a really lightweight chassis super stiff great power transfer but it’s all designed to all do that while still keeping you comfortable and keep it handling sharp now three years isn’t a long time for a bike that took so much development as the last rebate to stay in production but there is there are some really interesting reasons for this there’s been a sort of shift in the market we all know that gravel has become much more of a thing and when specialized launched their new diverged carbon they brought the future shock from the Rubaiyat across to it now it proved that the diverged was such a great bike that they found it was just pulling sales away from the Roubaix which has always been specialized kind of classic endurance machine but they saw that as an opportunity to take the Roubaix right back to its racing roots and yes worth remembering the Roubaix is one of the winningest bikes to ever go into the cobbled plastic so when you take a look at the bike you know obviously there’s a lot of differences going on here their bites got much more aggressive a lot more Aero considerations got into the frame design and we’ll just drill down and just see a few of those details if we take the front end it now shirts there’s exactly the same geometry as a tarmac so that’s in both stack and reach on the s-works bikes across all sizes so this is now a proper racing bike so this is still going to be a great bike for endurance riders because you’re still gonna have that level of comfort that maybe they’ve last Roubaix so famous but this bike has been developed over the last few years with their pro teams in mind and with pro rider input so yes we’ve still got future shock here but now it’s tunable and it’s got hydraulic damping for the first time ever by tunable we’ve we’ve replaced the top cap with this dial so in use you know you can completely open it up for the completely rough sections but when you’re getting into that sprint and you don’t want any movement at the front end you can almost completely lock it out that’s a really really smart touch and this is proven technology this was actually raced in in the classics last year under no fanfare on development bikes so then we’re moving to the back end it shares a lot of the design solutions that they came up with on the last Roubaix but you will notice that the CTR post with its weird kind of parallelogram within last night are infused a bit as gone it’s been replaced with this new pave post which is be shaped like you will see on the Venge like you’ll see on the tarmac 80 grams lighter it shares much the same with compliance abilities as the CTR and then when it comes to the seat clamp much like the old rebate they’ve set it much further down into the frame it’s at your 65 mill the top of the top tube again that’s just to give you that little bit more extension that a little bit more for enough movement so what I’ve managed to do here is retain much of the character that made the last Roubaix a bike radar bike of the year but they’ve infused it with much much more other racers mindset so what do we mean when we say where they brought it back in so much more of a racers mindset well this bike has actually spent a lot of time in a winter nor strange thing to say about a Roubaix but when you take this bike it’s actually just as quick as the tarmac sl6 in the winter it’s actually as quick as the original venge you know they’ve done a lots and lots of work on this over the previous generation of Roubaix on specialized own quite figures which is usually over 40 kilometers they say this bike is going to be 14 seconds faster they’ve also done lots and lots of work on keeping the weight down so the this new frame set is sub 900 grams which is makes it completely competitive so this bike here that we’ve got to do a lot more testing on a lot more riding on is actually quite a large size this is a 58 centimetre and complete with Garmin mounted and a set of well no fighter mono pedals this tips the scales that just bang on eight kilos out of the box in this Ram etup spec it comes with their own cotton Hill and north tires in a twenty six but they’ve given you much much bigger tire clearances on this bike then we’ve seen before so you can on this you can get a tire up to a 33 C in there and it would just make it a much more all year round usable pro level comfortable race machine we think it’s got a lot of potential as for range there is going to be a huge range of the new Roubaix on s-works and expert bikes you’re going to get this new Future Shop 2.0 on bikes at Compline below it shifts through a unit they’re calling the Future Shop 1.5 which retains the damping but it is non adjustable and quite interesting for for our female viewers out there is that the previous Ruby has now disappeared all the women’s women’s bikes are going to be rolled into the one platform the one Roubaix so you will get that pro expect that you know that pro ride which also means they’ve introduced a huge range of sizes for a production bike the new Roubaix goes from a tiny 44 right up to a 64 you know so that’s that’s the smallest riders out there to the toilets routers out there you probably all be able to fit on the new Roubaix also worth noting now that every bike in the Roubaix range is going to be hydraulic disc so there’s no no budget cable disk option and of course there’s no rim brakes at all throughout the range because this is a bike aimed at the classic so it’s aimed at that early season stuff those you know deep deep winter wet weather harsh riding conditions that all the bb’s are threaded so there’s no press fit here so should remain remain Creek free so the new future shock 2.0 works in conjunction with what specialized accordingly in the future stem is typically specialized in nominal creature there and instead of the top cab we’ve got the suggesting dial they said adjust the dial most like you’ll find on the top of any mountain bike fork leg so you can go from having this full locked out for when the roads are nice and smooth swing it completely other way 20 mil of damp travel there it’s a smart thing works really well out on a road you will find yourself using it and it looks like this is gonna be a true all-round race machine so there you go that’s the first look at the brand new specialized s-works Roubaix now we’re going to be taking this bike away riding it plenty we’re heading out to Belgium next week where we go actually taking on to the Perry Roubaix cobbles see how it fares and then we’ll report back with a full test on bite radar soon so what do you think about specialize taking the Roubaix right back to its racing roof are you a long-term rube a fan of the endurance platform do you feel you’re being now being left out you can let us know in the comments.

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