2020 Specialized Rockhopper Comp 1x Feature Review and Actual Weight

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[VidSitePro id=88 ]today on this James the bike guy we’re taking a look at the new 2020 specialized Rockhopper comp 1x this is a newly updated drivetrain and setup on the rock hopper comp frame and we’re gonna go into all the new specs and features of this bike and what actually makes it a really nice upgrade for 2020 now before we get started be sure to click the subscribe button as well as if you want to see some nice mountain bike accessories that I would put on something like this go ahead and go in the description to see links down below so let’s get into some of the features so for the 2020 specialized Rockhopper comp this has specialized own sport XE geometry on there a 1 alloy frame so the a 1 alloy frame is the beginning level aluminum in there mountain bike lineup and the specialized XC sport geometry is a great mix between being both aggressive enough for true trail riding but also being able to be used for more than just mountain biking now that means this a1 alloy frame which has internal cable routing is going to be set up with a sixty nine point eight degree headtube angle in all sizes and a variation off of a 73° seat tube angle in this case on a size medium its seventy three point eight degrees and best of all it’s got nice and fun chainstay links for a 29er at four hundred and forty millimeters so this bike does have some true geometry and it’s going to be able to be set up to be really fun and how it’s gonna work with that is by running a hundred millimeter travel fork now on the extra small it’s an 80 millimeter in the small it’s a 90 and medium and on up it’s a hundred millimeter travel fork and it’s got the SR sunt or XC m-29 fork this is a 46 millimeter offset front fork that’s going to have there mcd damping unit from specialized this is a multi circuit damping unit so it’s actually going to work in a great way to keep it from being a pogo stick of course you’ve got a lockout to it and then it’s going to have an adjustable preload on the coil spring on the non-drive side now the part that really makes this bike neat for 2020 it’s actually going to be the drivetrain so this drivetrain is going to be something unique that you haven’t seen on very many bikes before if any and that’s the micro shift advent 1×9 drivetrain so Advent is micro shifts answer to making some nice mountain bike components they even have some of these components for Road as well that’s actually a clutched derailleur with a wide range cassette so this actually gets an 11 42 to wide range cassette it’s all steel construction but it is nice and wide range 9 speed eve of course got your rear derailleur and this is going to have a clutch on it that you can turn on and off and that’s what’s going to help keep tension on the chain so that it doesn’t hop off of the front and up front it’s running a narrow wide 32 chain ring on this stout alloy crank set the rockhoppers do have a threaded bottom bracket and of course this is running a 73 millimeter threaded square taper bottom bracket and it just makes for a great drivetrain you know they do spec it with specialized nylon dirt pedals this is where I think this bike shines is it’s nice to see manufacturers finding a way to get a low-cost one by drivetrain that actually has a clutch and it’s going to give the performance of a higher-end set up the shifter on this bike is actually set up very similar to the way that the Shimano shifters are so you’ve got thumb button to go to an easier gear index finger to go to a harder gear and it’s gonna work out really nicely for brakes this is running Shimano’s mt 200 hydraulic disc brakes so this is hydraulic disks it’s got a 180 millimeter rotor up front and then a 160 millimeter rotor in the rear four wheels specializes lay stuff their own alloy double walled disc only wheels these have a 25 millimeter internal width and it’s gonna be running 32 spokes in the rear and 28 spokes up front those are standard 2.0 Jabin spokes for tires the rear tire is going to be vast tracks for tire this is a 29 by 2.3 it’s gonna have their flak jacket technology which is great for flat resistance and then up front it’s going to be running a 2.3 29er of the ground control sport also with a flak jacket technology for a cockpit this bike is running some specialized stout alloy handlebar and stem these are 31.8 so a nice modern size and on the handlebar it’s gonna be running some specialized lock-on grips for a saddle you’ve got specialized zone bridge saddle which is mounted onto a 30.9 alloy seat post with a 12 millimeter offset and then on this bike you’re going to get a 34.9 quick release clamp to be able to adjust saddle height so now that we’ve taken a look at the features and design of this 20 20 specialized Rockhopper comp 1 by let’s go ahead and find out exactly what it weighs actual weight of the Rockhopper comp 1 by is 30 point 1 6 pounds well thanks for watching this video on the 2020 specialized Rockhopper comp 1 by go ahead and let me know your thoughts down in the comment section below be sure to hit that subscribe button as well as that thumbs up button if you enjoyed the video and again if you want to check out any accessories that I think would be great on this bike.

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