2020 Specialized Kenevo Review One bike for everything

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[VidSitePro id=173 ]Hey LIAM here hope you’re well this is my review of the 20/20 specialized kinivo [Music] the 20/20 kinivo is a badass-looking ii enduro mini downhill bike all new for 2020 the kinivo is oriented towards hard aggressive riding with an all-new build compared to the previous generation the 24 and a half kilo ebike is no lightweight [Music] with a hundred and eighty mil travel front and rear and long slack geometry it’s radically different from the outgoing model with a RockShox boxer triple clamp for a super deluxe coil on the rear and 27 inch wheels it looks like it could take on some of the most brutal terrain it packs the latest Broz magnesium case motor that pumps out 19 you and me as a talk with specialized in-house designed 700 watt hour battery can it hold up as a do-it-all brawler or is it just a one-trick pony I’ve covered over 200 miles over the last month on this bike from cross country to regular trails to bike parks to downhill stuff and I’ve got a really good idea and how the bike handles what it feels like what’s good what’s not so good so what we’ll do and take a look around the bike and then go into some rides and I’ll tell you whether or not I think this is a banging bike for 2020 so we’ve got a new aluminium frame it’s got the TCU on the top like there levo the boxer fork just looks absolutely beastly and paired with that coil just completes it the frame designers what they tried to do although it doesn’t look like the new 20 20 peddle enduro bike they’ve tried to redesign the axel path so they say it hangs up less it allows you to blast through the terrain quicker 800 mil bars it’s got the neat little controls on the left-hand side I think it looks really minimalist with these just these two small buttons to change your mode I’m a big fan of bikes with no screen and this just looks pretty much like a standard pedal mountain bike there’s nothing to getting your way [Music] so how does it ride really really well I got to be honest that was not a huge fan of the old kinivo but other than will slice there’s not really anything else that’s the same as the previous generation now the first thing I want to talk about is the geometry for the first time I feel that I’m riding a bike that fits me really well I’m riding the s5 which is the equivalent to an XL it’s got a reach of 520 millimeters which is pretty long by ebike standards and at six foot three which is a hundred and ninety-one centimeters tall I found it really well suited to my size in fact with the long wheelbase and long reach I’ve got to say that it’s the most stable and confidence-inspiring bike that I’ve ever ridden [Music] and although it handles amazingly well for downhill and bike park staff just on my local trails I was so surprised how agile and nimble and sharp it fell [Music] now don’t get me wrong it’s still a slack long travel bike so you don’t get that same nimble feeling that you do with a shorter travel slightly lighter bike but what I found with this is I’m a rider that prefers traveling at speed and feeling really really stable and this is the bike that is offering that to me it doesn’t feel as lively as some other ebikes I’ve ridden and it does require quite a bit more input from the rider to get the most out of it for example when you’re jumping you need to really really push through the travel you need to get that bike moving around does take a little bit more effort to ride what’s it like through tight twisties I mean turbo 800 no fast not much lock on the bars but I’ve only actually found that an issue when I need to turn the bike around because of the stock blocks on the forks it is not lardy doesn’t make me feel like the bike is too cumbersome to right I think these triple clamp Forks make your steering feel so precise that it compensates for the bike having a slack long reach so I don’t feel that I’m missing out on too much like nimbleness in fact I was pleasantly surprised with how nimble and agile it feels a lot of it I think is down to the revised geometry the suspension kinematics the bike length when you’ve got the motor and the slack forks because you can keep just giving it a quick spin on the motor to propel you forward many of the disadvantages of having a long travel slack bike are negated because you’ve got the motor to keep you going and I actually really enjoyed it on these tight twisty trails all the other guys are on trail bikes leave OHS those kind of bikes and I was easily able to keep up and yeah it wouldn’t be a proper bike test without a few crashes so the more I rode the bike the more I started to get a feel for it and actually really enjoy every single type of ride but I did with it I believe for me this is a bike that I could take absolutely anywhere I would be happy to ride a cross-country epic long ride on this bike because it’s got the 700 watt hour battery and in my tests when we were riding with levo owners he honestly wasn’t any different in terms of battery usage I thought I would get way less and I did out of it on a long ride you look in 35 to 40 miles and that’s we have some pretty aggressive trail riding and a mixture of trail and turbo I actually do think that this is one bike for it all now with that being said it’s a bike that you need to test because it is a bit heavier if you don’t like heavy bikes and you like nimble agile bikes you’ll need to really test the sizing because the reach on it is so different from every other bike that I’ve ridden a taller rider could prefer a short to reach and a shorter fight so it’s one of those that you really need to get a test on to understand what the right size is for you some downsides there are some negatives to it which I want to share with you but first of all I want to show you my 2020 Jersey this is a really good quality Jersey that I’ve been wearing it really helps support my channel take a look at it I’ll put a link in the description below I ship them all over the world so the negative stuff on this bike well got to talk about the price it is super expensive it’s 7,000 pounds it’s however you want to put it it’s a lot of money if you look at all the other brands every price seems to be creeping up now we’re getting fully integrated 700 watt hour batteries it’s expensive man but I wish I wish that we could get to a price point where it’s just more accessible for more people because 7 grand it’s like it’s a lot of money I know no people will think you can buy a car and you can buy a motorbike for that and I agree you can so it’s a negative for me because it’s so expensive they do a comp Varian it is cheaper doesn’t come with a triple clamp fork but it’s it’s a way of getting the kinivo at a cheaper price also comes with a 500 watt hour battery and if you look at it compared to the previous generation it’s a it’s a massive price increase actually the 2019 kinivo expert was five and a half thousand this is seven thousand so arguably it’s a completely different bike they could have called it something totally different but it’s is 7000 pounds it is a lot of money secondly I’ve had a failure on it already now it got wet I’m weather on that luck was me riding it or cleaning it I had to get the tcu that’s the little thing on the top tube basically the the brains of the bike replaced and you know if you’re not near a dealer it’s tricky I mean it’s covered under warranty and Berkshire cycles are amazing they replaced it same day but you know it’s it failed within a couple of weeks so it’s a negative that the bike failed so quickly I also found because the seat post is quite steep you are Sat a little bit further forward and you’re almost over the motor and the crank so my knees took a little bit of a a while to get used to the position and they did start hurting on the first few rides but it it’s stopped I thought it might be an issue but the pedal in position just seems a little bit different a little bit more aggressive on the knees and the rear shock took quite a little bit of adjustment the rebound knobs in a really difficult place I struggled with that so there the downsides price prone to damage if you live in a really wet place like the UK now most of my rides nearly all of them have been wet so just just be careful and when you washing it be careful rear shock like we said already but for me the the positives far far outweigh those negatives I have wanted to ride this bike more than ever I just looked forward to taking it out and like I said in the film I would ride it absolutely anywhere it’s that type of bike for me might not be for everyone some people prefer a short a travel nippy bike that feels light and agile and nimble for me I just like going fast and feeling really stable and really safe and secure and that’s what it gave to me I tackled stuff on this that I’ve never hit before I did the biggest gap jumps I’ve ever done on any bike and that’s because it gave me the confidence I felt safe on it I felt really really secure and that’s why I had such a good time and I wanted to take it out as much as I possibly could so I bloody love this bike I it’s a keeper for me I would choose this over the 2019 2020 leave oh you need to test one if you can and by the way if you’re in the UK give Berkshire Cycles a call say Rob rides the MTB send you and I’m sure they’ll do your sweet sweet deal so where’s it ranked on the ibama ah I’ve got to say it’s one of the most fun bikes I have ever ever tested on all the trails I tested it on value wise it’s expensive man and compared to other bikes bang for buck you can get bikes that have a higher spec and are cheaper loads of bikes out there specialised I don’t think ever represents the best value for money this is gonna go kind of in line with the turbo leave oh that expert version is seven thousand two hundred and fifty it’s the most fun bike that I’ve ridden probably ever so it’s going right up some absolutely banging bike I loved it it’s a keeper for me I want to ride it as much as I can if you want to hear more on the bike.

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