2020 Specialized Enduro A Mini DH Bike At a Big Price

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[VidSitePro id=83 ]the specialized enduro is 20 years old it first came on the scene in 1999 and in 2019 there is a brand new version of the bike in those 20 years enduro and the enduro have evolved considerably to reflect the changing nature of mountain biking we were expecting a new enduro for 2019 because model years cycles through their time however we didn’t quite expect the new enduro to basically be a mini demo the idea behind the enduro is to go as fast as possible and that’s clear from sort of the racing itself you need the bike that can get to the top of the hill fairly efficiently and one that can absolutely haul it when you’re pointing down a hill specialized obviously recognize this and the new 2020 enduro is very much a bike for descending however they also say is very much a bike for getting to the top of the hill – I’m not sure I agree but we’ll talk about that later on now the main way to go faster when you’re getting down a hill is to maintain and if possible increase your momentum and that means smooth suspension with a rear wheel that gets out of the way of those square edged hits that kind of give that jari jerky ride and slow you down [Music] if you’ve been following downhill and enduro bike tech recently you’ll have seen a number of bikes with higher pivot points this basically means that the rear wheel goes backwards before it goes up rather than going up and into the face of an impact this moves the ride and gives you an ultimately faster bike there are a number of issues though with a high pivot placed bike these include dynamic John changes so with a more rear axle path the wheelbase of your bike increases quite a large amount when you’re going through the bikes travel not only does it change the fear of the bike but you also get a lot of issues with pedal kickback because the distance between the cassette and the cranks changes pulling the cranks back bike manufactures have mitigated this problem by having an idler pulley over the main pivot so you see these bikes where the chain goes up and then down to the rear axle this as well has issues with drag with maintenance with all sorts of different things specialized new suspension design which you see on the demo and on this new enduro they say gives a more real with actual path without those particular issues of massive John which changes XYZ and they’ve done that by moving the main pivot further forward in the bike rather than up so that is really the heart of the new enduro and that’s why the shock is placed low in the bike with a slightly more complex looking suspension linkage quite often with suspension design there is a bit of a trade-off bikes that tend to have smoother plusher more momentum carrying suspension tend to be worse at pedaling however specialized claimed at least that their new suspension design as a happy coincidence actually improves the anti-squat numbers of the bikes so in theory the bike pedals a little bit better up hills this means less pedal Bob less energy wasted and more speed not only have they worked on the rear suspension but quite clearly specialized have worked on the geometry of the enduro previous generation enduro wasn’t particularly up-to-date this one is bowing up-to-date if you’re looking for a super slack super long super aggressive descent focused enduro bike alongside the suspension design clearly specialized have worked on the shape of the bike previous generations of enduro weren’t particularly for thinking maybe in their sizing especially in the current climate of mountain bikes however the new enduro does take this whole long slap glow thing to its ultimate conclusion as we saw with the Stumpjumper they have this s sizing system for the sizes of their bikes it’s not small medium large it’s s 2 2 s 5 with the enduro the main feature of S sizing is that you get longer reaches with shorter seat tubes and this basically means for a given rider height there’s a number of different frame options in which you could in theory fit quite easily at 6 foot or 182 centimeters tall I tested a size s4 which is the second largest one however if I wanted to go for a super long stretched out reach I could have feared on an s5 as well because the seat tube only grows a little bit and I could still manage to fit a 150 ish mill dropper relatively slammed but I could still get a 150 mil dropper on the largest bike however if I wanted to play around on a slightly shorter bike because maybe that’s my preference I could also fitted on an s3 I would have had a little bit more seat post showing or I could have run say a 170 or even 180 200 no dropper and had a slightly shorter bike that I would maybe have preferred well this means is I reckon most riders have a range of three different sizes on which they would fit it basically means that probably will be a number of bikes to suit you depending on what you like in terms of geometry let’s look at the s4 that I rode and we’re going to talk about it in its low setting there is a chip that you can change into low or high but generally speaking and I exclude the Stumpjumper either that I’ve got on long term tests for this low settings are always better because they’re more rad and more fun so in its low setting for an s4 you get a 487 Miller each which is super long a sixty three point nine degree head angle which isn’t uber slack but it is very very slack and a 76 degree seat angle [Music] across the range you get a three hundred and forty seven or BB height in the low setting and this is pretty low for a hundred and seventy mil 29er enduro bike chainstays come in at four hundred forty two mil and this gives a 1274 wheelbase for the s4 which is roughly equivalent to a large so as you can tell these numbers are pretty bang-up today they’re pretty aggressive as well as we might expect from a bike that has suspension effectively shared with the downhill bike and fairly aggressive jump to numbers the new enduro is very good when you point it down steep rough technical terrain this is a bike designed to get down hills as fast as possible and you can see how specialized have achieved this when you ride it the bike is incredibly plush in the early part of the stroke on loose chattery or fast impacts this gives a lot of traction so there’s a lot of control under braking and you never feel like you’re getting rattled all over the place on bigger hits the suspension is also very well composed there’s a lot of progression through the stroke and this means that when you hit those bigger impacts the suspension controls it beautifully at no point did I feel that my feet were gonna get blown off the pedals at no point was a ride particularly jarring I never really hit the bump stop of the shock either in effect it’s an incredibly well performing bike on a wide range of impacts at the front of the bike that slack head angle with the super capable for just oozes confidence and control and this lets the rest of the bike do its job specialized claim that it’s a really good climate I wouldn’t say it’s particularly special it’s still kind of a big enduro bike so long climbs are going to be little bit more tiring than a regular trail bike they did also say it’s a mini downhill bike and I feel that that’s a best representation of the enduro the enduro range comes with four bikes and one frame set option there’s a top-end s-works which comes with the s-works frame and that’s the one you can buy as frame only two now the s-works frame comes with a carbon swing link in there and this saves 250 grams according to specialized if you buy a regular version it gets an alloy one however you can upgrade to the carbon swing link should you wish the enduro comp comes in four thousand five hundred pounds or four thousand five hundred and ten dollars this is the entry-level version of the bike the top-end is the S Works and this comes in at nine thousand pounds on nine thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars the s-works frame can be bought for three thousand three hundred pounds or three thousand two hundred and ten dollars that’s the twenty twenty specialized enduro they claim great performance up hill and down I think it’s uphill performance is average but it’s downhill performance is excellent it is basically I reckon a mini downhill bike let me know what you’re thinking the comments.

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