2020 Scott Addict RC 20 with Sram Force Etap AXS disc is here at Victory

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[VidSitePro id=81 ]all right check this one out this thing is badass y’all this is the new 2020 Scott addict RC this is the RC 20 model RC stands for racing concept this is a totally redesigned bike for this year for Scott you’ve seen it in the tour you’ve seen it in the well to all the mitchelton Scott male and females have been riding this bike this is pretty amazing so incredibly lightweight in fact it’s only 95 grams heavier than the rim brake versions they were able to do that because the way they did the carbon layup and bonding there are no alley parts in this bike when it comes to the brake mounts and bottom bracket interface that’s how strategic they were with the bonding and layup of this frame so they saved a ton of weight there but you all check this one out obviously this one is rocking the Neuse ram force axis so the NuForce 12 speed super cool Wireless that’s why it’s an incredible clean look I love the black cassette I mean it’ll never look dirty I guess because it always looks dirty pretty darn cool this one you fit up to 28 C tires on but really take a look at this stem the way everything integrates with their steer tube everything’s internal here so all the brake lines everything really now you take a step back you notice you don’t see any cables any brake lines anything incredibly clean absolutely stupid lightweight y’all this is a good one to check out you’re welcome to come take it first then take it now I don’t care you need to ride this thing this is the 2020 Scott addict RC

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