2019 Hotest Gotway Nikola Plus Electric unicycle 100V 1845WH 3000W,max speed 60km/h,battery life 120-160km,monowheel scooter

Color: Nikola plus
List price: US $1,659.00
Price: US $1,659.00

Item Specifics

Brand Name:
Power Supply:
Lithium Battery
> 500w
Range per Power:
> 60 km
Rated Passenger Capacity:
One Seat
Wheel Size:
Max Speed:
Frame Material:
Carbon Steel
Luxury Type
Model Number:
Nikola plus

Product Description

100.8V 5A-10A Fast charger

For Adults Only


Product specifications

Brand: Gotway
Model: Nikola Plus
Size: 17 inches
Voltage: 100.8V
Endurance: 120-160km
Maximum load: 130 kg
Maximum power: 3000W
Battery capacity: 1845WH
Battery model: Sanyo 18650GA
Charging power: 100.8V 3A
The fastest speed: 60km / h
Tilt protection: 45° (approx.)
Climbing angle: about 30 degrees
Tire width: 3.0 inches
Energy recovery: support
Headlight brightness: 500-1200 lumens
No-load speed: 86km/h
Tie rod: built-in lever

Nikola plus


Concealed lever

Perfect integration with the car body

Intelligent lighting

According to the riding state of the wheel, the brightness of the lamp will become brighter and brighter.

Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth 4.0, dual speakers, high sound quality, playback distance 10 meters

Expert Review

Review by: Gary P.
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Tested it for the first time yesterday and I in fact appreciate it. This item is perfect! No pity at all, though I had a lot of doubts before the deal. Quite an unexpected stroke of luck after all prior disappointments :-)

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  • M***d
    Verified buyer

    great communication, wonderful wheel ! Took about 4 week to get wheel in Canada

    Verified buyer

    So happy with my purchase! Thank you so much for the super fast delivery!

    Verified buyer

    Took almost twice the promesed delivery time.

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