1 Pair Shimano Ultegra SM RT800 Ice-Tech Freeza Disc Centerlock RT800 ROTOR for Road Bike 140mm / 160mm Ultegra R8020/R8070

Color: RT800 140MM 1 Pair RT800 160MM 1 Pair RT800 140-160MM
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This is a pair with the price!!!

Shimano Ultegra RT800 Ice-Tech FREEZA CL Rotor

The Ultegra RT800 Ice-Tech FREEZA CL Rotor proves that Shimano is dedicated to advancing the Ultegra range. Made from a hybrid of steel and aluminium, the lightweight, reliable, and durable Shimano Ultegra RT800 Ice-Tech FREEZA CL Rotor superbly manages the build-up of heat as you ride.

For Adults Only

Ride Faster, Brake Later

The Ice-Tech FREEZA design provides constant braking performance through better energy control. The Ice-Tech FREEZA pads allow the surface temperature to drop rapidly when braking consistently at speed, which is a great improvement in braking performance and reliability over traditional brakes. This means you can leave the brakes until the last possible moment.


  • Material: Aluminium (inner), Steel (braking surface)
  • Compatibility: Shimano Centerlock hubs
  • Attachment Type: Centerlock
  • Recommended Use: Road
  • Weight:

    140mm: 106 grams, 160mm: 127 grams


  • Ice Technologies FREEZA: The power and precision of Ice-Tech FREEZA is unmatched. With an increased surface area for heat dispersion, the Ice-Tech FREEZA rotor has achieved the ultimate in heat control. A proven 50°C reduction in heat gives the user consistently powerful brakes for the duration of the ride, increases durability throughout the whole disc brake system, and provides longer pad life

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Review by: Patric S.
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I would also like to say that when I got my acquisition delivered and looked into the package I was glad to see that 1 Pair Shimano Ultegra SM RT800 Ice-Tech Freeza Disc Centerlock RT800 ROTOR for Road Bike 140mm / 160mm Ultegra R8020/R8070 has arrived in superb working condition, with no weaknesses or physical defects or stuff like that. It’s great to know the acquisition has verified its worth, so yeah, I definitely recommend ordering this one.
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My profound product research shows that the product comes forward from the competition and my own purchase confirms it has an outstanding quality.

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